Barackalypse Now ‘Drop & Roll’ (Intellectual Froglegs S2E16)

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originalHappy Thanksgiving to you guys!

We all know our Community Organizer in Chief blew off the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address—but he did take the time to read Lincoln’s speech… well kind of….like the good marxist that Obama is—-he left out ‘under God.’  But that’s what Democrats do.  Remember they booed God at their last convention.

Also in this action-packed Turkey Day episode, Deputy Barney Fife explains Global Warming, Great Moments in Democrat History, Celebrity Experts and more!

Plus, Al Sharpton explains why Thanksgiving is so important to him. Music from The Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, Earl Scruggs, Alan Parsons to mention a few.


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Joe Dan Gorman is the creator and producer of Intellectual Frog Legs. When he is not creating and producing stuff, he is busy eating meat, playing guitar and defending the Constitution from liberal zombies.
  • TomRil

    Education and entertainment all rolled up in one tasty samich!!!!!

  • Jerry N LouAnn Olson

    another superlative Video,Joe Dan . Keep up the Good work.

  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    Best part of the day!!! Always!

  • DLo

    Me love you long time … Fastest 17 minutes of my life … More IF Please !
    P.S. Where’d Coop go as the ending clip … More Coop please :)
    Think I’ll go buy some IF stuff now, or become a friend, cuz I just love what you’re doing here ~

  • Cherryl Zollars

    Another great, Joe Dan!! You NEVER disappoint!!

  • coastx

    Great… Still laughing. Highly recommended.

  • LCM☝✊

    Another great show Dan. Keep it up.

  • rick0857

    Glad to read about your being allowed to finally see your son Joe Dan believe me I know how that goes…also spoiler alert I already know why the lib women grow better mustaches than lib men…most of the women still have their b alls.
    Another fantastic episode my friend, continue to march with the truth and enlightenment!!

    • parlayer

      Now, Now, Nobody would get laid if it wasn’t for liberal women, since women’s lib, they can’t sell it anymore as so many are giving it away. I’d say your answer is probably correct.

      • LCM☝✊

        If they can’t sell it why did they have a Ho-insurance get together to sign up working prostitutes for Obamacare! It’s so ridiculous it sounds like fiction but it’s not!

        • parlayer

          some guys will still pay, so they can kick their a$$ out after getting their nut, and not have to listen to their babble to keep from getting blue balls. that’s what your talking about?? “Wow baby the top of your head is sure beautiful” do they get prostate cancer coverage also?

    • LCM☝✊

      WTF, people’s children & their personal business is not fair game for discussion. Try to exercise some discretion. That’s none of our business. JS

      • parlayer

        Correct My policy is “if it’s not volunteered it’s non of my business”

  • parlayer

    Good Stuff. LMAO as usual.

  • KellyKAFIR

    This Christian is NOT an easy target. BRING IT liberals. I’ve had a case go to SCOTUS! and won.

  • ron8072

    Not sure you can read this but it says If You Don’t Do Politics, Politics will do you! Great show. Can I repost this to Traditional American Movement? Will spread it from there as well. Up to you. Again Great show. Do you remember me? I will email you if you don’t.

  • LibertyLinda

    ” If You Don’t Do Politics, Politics will do you! ” I will forevermore quote you with this line the next time someone says “Oh, I don’t like/get involved with politics” when the conversation is about saving our country from the Socialist in Chief! Another rocking video! I give Thanks to your creativeness & putting this out on Black Friday :)

    • LCM☝✊

      Then you’ll be interested to know it comes from the ancient Greeks. Pericles to be precise. Enjoy patriot.

  • craig

    Your new episodes are always so disgusting and negative and make a lot of Americans look like such horrible STUPID people..not to mention DISGRACING our president and our duly elected officials…….. THANKS FOR TELLING THE TRUTH !!

    • LCM☝✊

      So Why The F-k do you watch? I find them informative & entertaining. If only someone had this ability to inform & entertain during WW2 or the fall of Rome. If you support & love Obama obviously you are in the wrong place. We understand no one ever accused any of you of being intelligent. Move along Troll.

      • craig


        • LCM☝✊

          I totally missed that.

          • craig

            No problem.

  • SamRiddle

    We need a frog leg channel on cable!

  • Derrell1970

    Great Show Joe Dan – I always enjoy and am
    always inspired to think; which brings me to a comment I’m sure you already
    know but I’d like to share. ALL of the major media sources including Fox News
    are owned by members of the CFR (Committee on Foreign Relations). Globalism.
    Regional Government. Anti-Sovereignism! And former Secretary of State Hillary
    Clinton’s primary go-to source for advice! (Her open admission!) It’s all one
    big “good cop – bad cop” scam, kinda like the DNC and the RNC. I
    appreciate good clean commentary – even if you do make mistakes. Love the pug!

  • http://www.theantiliberalzone.com/ Gunny G Alz

    EXCELLENT STUFF! Joe Dan, you guys are sticking it to the Obomunists!

  • craig


  • Allen Michael

    The white house is not really the white house, It is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE OBatsh*T