GUEST VET: Norm McDonald: “Firebase WWII Memorial”

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On Sunday the 13th of October Veterans, by the thousands, marched on the Mall in DC to their own memorials. The administration had closed off these facilities, because of the government shutdown although many of these were never manned by personnel before the shutdown.  And a lot of these were shut down in this recent incident, although the last 17 times we had gone through this, they were not closed. The old soldiers, the young soldiers and the families of soldiers all participated in the removal of barricades and in visitation of these sites.  The media came out with their usual coverage….out of all the mainstream alphabet channels, not one led with the story and many didn’t cover it at all.  The same ones who covered the Million Muslim march a couple weeks previously ad nauseum. Every channel led and covered this event where less than a 100 people showed up.  There were more reporters than marchers…but they fit the story the complicit media have pushing for…well,since Vietnam.  The veterans do not fit into that narrative.

At least a dozen of the far left websites led with the story of one single man in front of the White House with a Confederate flag; the alphabet channels didn’t; they hardly covered the event at all, one way or the other.  Not one of them posted photos of or reported on the hundreds, probably thousands,  of other vets on the Mall who were holding our American flag; yet these same channels, websites and reporters were scrambling to cover and make excuses for the crimes and disgusting behavior of many of the Occupy protesters of a couple of years ago. The slant they put on this event tells me the media are well into doing to veterans what they had done them 40+ years ago.  Demonize veterans; frankly demonize anyone who doesn’t tow the media’s narrative.  We all remember, or those us old enough, of the early cop shows and movies in the 1970s that showed veterans as gun crazed killers and/or heroin traffickers out of the Iron Triangle…all wearing fatigues, of course.

WWII HeroThe events on Sunday were participated by some of the politicians who were in agreement with them.  Two years ago at the Occupy protests, the left wing politicians at those events were called heroes for standing with the Occupy movement. On Sunday, those politicians who were with the veterans were vilified by the media.  All main stream media,without exception, branded these politicians crazy Teabaggers, referring to the disgusting homosexual sex act label the amoral left media have foisted on the Tea Party and is now the common phrase by the left.

The media and left wing have called these veterans and their families “pawns”….which in my humble opinion is one of the worst insults I have heard since I was spit on walking down the tarmac at LAX in 1971.  These soldiers have had experiences these left wing talkers/bloggers get to only see in the movies; I can tell you the movies don’t tell the half of it. These guys are smart, disciplined and very self-assured.  No one could ever “use them as pawns” for anything…they do what they want because that is what they believe.  And being the father of a veteran and experiencing what it is like to be at home wondering every day where your loved one is and how he/she are doing, I can say the same thing about the families these veterans.  In my opinion the families left behind are the true heroes of the American military.   I know several left wing websites and Morning Joe show on MSNBC who were making fun of Sarah Palin for being at this event…forgetting or ignoring…I suspect they are ignoring because they don’t really give a damn….that Sarah Palin is the mother of a veteran who was deployed in a combat zone.

One nationally syndicated left wing radio host Bill Press ranted on his radio show….”The dumbest ones there are the idiots who are protesting, right? These are people, they call them vets. I wonder how many really were veterans. I don’t care if they were veterans.”  Idiots Bill? You are of the draft age, where were you back in those days?  Spitting on vets at the airport?

Paraplegic carrying BarryCadesRoger Simon of Politico website posted on Twitter, “Racism comes out of closet (as if it were ever in) as protesters hoist Confederate flag outside WH today”. The photo with the Tweet was of the one guy with the Confederate flag and of course, Simon immediately labeled all veterans racists.  This guy is supposed to be one of the more moderate reporters.  As you can see in the photo of the crowd…that is about as far from the truth as can be.   This is the typical argument the left wing now rely on…if you disagree with me…if you don’t think and talk like me…by God you are racist.  It was bad before Obama was elected, but now it is worse than ever….it has become the fallback argument for all these talkers…most of which are upper middle class or Urban elite white people. The same ones who are  horrified when they encounter a conservative African-American…you know those that either“don’t exist” or are stricken with “Stockholm Syndrome”.  They commonly, with no repercussions, savage black conservatives.

On Monday, this photo (to the left) of the young veteran on the Segway went viral over Twitter; even I Tweeted and Facebook posted the photo.  The left wingers came out in droves…the best, or worst; as it were….were the dozens and dozens Tweets who were saying, in effect; ”He has nothing to complain about; he signed up for it”.  “True compassion” from the left….that compassion they accuse conservatives of not having.  Frankly, it is not compassion I have for this soldier…he doesn’t want it, or my pity. I respect and honor him.  That is what he wants…something the left has been missing for over 40 years…respect and honor for the U.S. military.


About the author: 

Norm McDonald proudly served our country in Vietnam.

Norm McDonald proudly served our country in Vietnam.

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Joe Dan Gorman is the creator and producer of Intellectual Frog Legs. When he is not creating and producing stuff, he is busy eating meat, playing guitar and defending the Constitution from liberal zombies.
  • Matthew Silvey

    Very well said sir! I will be sharing this in several places. Keep up the good fight and thank you for your service!

  • David B. Finlayson

    Thank you for your service then and now. God bless you.

  • unholyone

    Great article.Thanks. If anyone needs proof that Pravda and Izvestia is alive and well in the US, this is it. The Soviets could take lessons from the “news” that is broadcast today.