Obama’s Amerika (IFL S2E13)

In this action-packed episode, we welcome special guests Alfonzo Rachel (Click here for his site) and one of the coolest new bands out…The Altar Billies, with their awesome song “I’m still standing”…click here to join the Altar Billies on Facebook.

The republicans played their part again with the Democrats… and join a long list of famous losers…like Washington Generals versus The Harlem Globetrotters, Yosimite Sam & Bugs Bunny…and Wile E. Coyote, who always loses to the Roadrunner..

But that’s what republicans do.   And that is precisely why you cannot name ONE conservative achievement in 20 years.

While conservative keep ignoring the media… liberals keep increasing their share.  Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 8.06.01 PM

Here’s the Altar Billie’s “I’m Still Standin” video in its’ entirety

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Joe Dan Gorman is the creator and producer of Intellectual Frog Legs. When he is not creating and producing stuff, he is busy eating meat, playing guitar and defending the Constitution from liberal zombies.
  • Sandie Tanner

    God bless for the info!

    • Jim Campbell

      You Rock Joe Dan, sending you $50.00 right now. J..C.

  • unholyone

    Great video. White House Gift Shop bankrupt!! Hilarious, same as the government. Maobamacare was meant to fail! The government will then “save us” by taking it all over– single payer.

    • jewels50

      Wow! unholyone, I never thought about it like that, that is what they’re wanting is single payer.

  • craig

    Another great sobering message. We really do need to invest in conservative media sources .. I hope we soon hear of more…so I’ll go for some of your t-shirts today.

  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

    Glad you brought up Levin. More people have to get his new book. Getting our country back is going to take WORK within our states. Levin has a plan and we have to try it.

    • KellyKAFIR

      Obutthole ignores the constitution now… What will opening up the Constitution for more amendments do except give him more things to ignore… I’m afraid this is going to collapse and then we will have another revolution/civil war.

  • Oneyeopn

    When you shut down the white house tours, you then lose the customers for the gift shop…..another ignoring reality……or the fact no one wants any crap with his name or face on it

  • bluesingincat

    Well done as usual!! Love IFL!!

  • David B. Finlayson

    Another most excellent show Joe Dan.

  • thelantern

    Not to sound like a member of the NatzionalZocialistDemockraticPartei, but I do blame the Bushes, Jr AND especially senior for this mess. Instead of continuing the Reagan accomplishments they reverted BACK to the countryclub Wall Street party of Rockefeller. I left the party (No, it LEFT me) long ago. The Republic is dead. Deader than Ceasars ghost. And we are now a 3rd world dictatorship with a worthless and impotent Congress. All Hail Ceasar.

    • mjhawkeye

      and you want to follow the Clinton and Obama way of governing. Get a grip on life. I can tell from reading your post you know squat about Reagan and the conservative movement.

  • http://www.theantiliberalzone.com/ Gunny G Alz

    Joe Dan,
    WELL DONE! Adding you to my blogroll and ask for a recip. http://www.theantiliberalzone.com

    • parlayer

  • Mark Patton

    Earlier this morning I read an interview/article with former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan promoting his new book, “The Map and the Territory.” The author notes, “He says that Rand didn’t influence him politically—he was always a libertarian—but she did point out tensions in his philosophy about life. “She caught me in contradictions, which shook me, and I said, ‘My God, she is right,’ ” he says.

    Ayn Rand was right about many, many things and the quote that Joe Dan cites in this episode of Intellectual Froglegs is spot on. The increased petulance, shrillness, and violence exhibited by the Progressive Left is driven by an increasing awareness on their own part that they’ve ignored reality – basically since the stock market crash of October 29, 1929, which was like the Big Bang to their drive to nationalize the economy, and unionize/drive into serfdom the citizenry of the United States – for so long that now, finally, the consequences of ignoring that reality are starting to take hold. They are frantically trying to patch up an unworkable, unREAListic model of crony capitalism which in some sectors is bleeding quickly into outright socialism (ObamaCare, Common Core, and the EPA/Energy Department) that is springing leaks and crumbling like the infrastructure that they pretend to “invest” in every time they get the checkbook – when the money really goes to outrageous projects like grants to help Chinese prostitutes drink more responsibly, and half-billion-dollar boondoggles like Solyndra.

    Let’s continue to hope that she was not right about one thing: that the ONLY way to save the US is to let it die – to utterly withdraw creative input and capital from the system until the takers break it entirely. Let’s hope – and work tirelessly, based on that hope – that we can turn this mess around with the nation still intact.

  • karenv99

    Loved it! American Patriot INFIDEL!

  • Allen Michael

    I’ll bet the RINO Boehner does help Obama with a reach around, as you said! He is definitely proving it to his constituents!

  • Jerry N LouAnn Olson

    Thanks,Joe Dan May God Bless You.

  • Quantum992

    How can a Democrat ever again refer to anyone as fascist when they just empowered government to use any and all force and coercive measures (including deadly force) in order to enforce their Communist Healthcare System? But we can be assured they will continue calling others fascists.

  • parlayer

    Kick Butt,