The Madness of King Barry -S2E15

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Captain ATurns out, the White House knew all along that millions of Americans could not possibly keep their insurance… but the best way to sell a lie is to tell a lie—a lot of lies.  And that’s exactly what Obama did.

Obama lied to over 300 million American citizens time after time after time after time— it is on video, there are multiple angles, from a variety of venues. This marxist clown was caught lying as red-handed as you can get! And he keeps on!  LOL. This is the behavior of a person with mental problems….SERIOUS mental problems.

Then after a complex sequence of lies, distortions and assorted other misrepresentations, Obama says “he” and he alone….can change the law.  This guy is delusional.

Obama is a fraud… and the Emperor has no clothes.

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About the Author
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator and producer of Intellectual Frog Legs. When he is not creating and producing stuff, he is busy eating meat, playing guitar and defending the Constitution from liberal zombies.
  • dkg

    Another sterling effort JoeDan. And I would like to add, I am so glad I am not alone in my thinking that Mandela is just a card carrying communist. The press laud him like a movie star. yuck

  • craig

    Great new episode…everyday more liberal Americans are being affected by this health care shenanigan and are finally speaking out ..you can sense their shame in being duped….but in others their just pissed off and trying to rally the troops for another big lie…however I truly believe most prefer reality ..it’s easier to plan by …..Keep up the great work your doing.

  • dan

    Joe-Dan…from one Old Southern White Consrervative Christian Whiite-Guy to another…
    we’re just huskey…we’re still soooo screwed , but if we can keep our heads when those
    around us are losing there’s….doh … Muslims ! ‘Wonder if that would be a pre-existing condition?

  • Oneyeopn

    Excellent Excellent, another great show on a beautiful sunday morning…

  • fliteking

    Made my Sunday Morning! Straight to face.book with this one Brother!

  • Jim Morriss

    OK JD, you screwed the pooch here. $360m is several factors CHEAPER than giving every american $1m. As there are 350,000,000(+/-):| 350,000,000x$1,000,000=$350,000,000,000,000= Three Hundred-Fifty TRILLION DOLLARS! I like and agree with a lot of what you talk about, thanks for the infotainment.

    Yeah I know it seems you’re right, but you are not. Here try this one: A bat and ball cost $1.10. The bat costs $1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

    Try this for the explanation:http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/14/over-50-of-harvard-princeton-and-mit-students-get-this-simple-question-wrong/

    • JDMedia

      I’ll have to fire my writer— Oh wait.

      You are right.

      • Invictus_Lux

        You knocked it right out of the ballpark anyway JD. Dingbats don’t understand the circuitous economics of dollars backed by bonds purchased by those same virtually worthless paper dollars and the satire of the fastball pitch no different than what Obama pitched to us…

  • TomRil

    Yet another home run !

  • Buttercup

    Thanks for the early Sunday morning lift! Reposting ’cause everyone needs to see dancing ponies! Never take that little segment out. For me…pleeeeease!

  • Derrell1970

    A great show, Joe Dan!

    Some things to consider; Jesus instructed his followers to care for the poor AND; Governments have a propensity to fill any voids in the fabric of society. Had Christianity maintained a Godly vestige of two institutions in this country, welfare and education, instead of building their Crystal Cathedrals, we probably would not be in the mess we are in today.

    I support Christian Principles and I agree that the Bible is the best Manifesto on how humans should treat humans. A lot of “Christians” apparently believe their Prayer Campuses are more important that caring for the poor. I’m not sure the average Christian even gives a tithe let alone 10%, but why would they when what they see coming from that tithe are gilded thrones for those gifted Evangelical? A lot of, so called, Christian Leaders really are not any better than Barrack Obama – in the eyes of a certain Christian God!

    Jonah went to the City of Nineveh and preached repent….

    • rick0857

      Genius a tithe IS 10%

      • Derrell1970

        So other than a “technicality” you agree with the premise? Or is that your best effort to discredit my points…?
        Why are people compelled to wipe their feet on the door mat when they don’t like what is inside the house but cannot articulate why…?
        Don’t call me Genius – this is Christianity 101! (And I am NOT a Christian!)

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    If you don’t like your president can you get rid of him? If you cannot trust your president can you get rid of him. If yur president supports the communist party of America can you get rid of him. Remember people this guy we can not trust controls the use of nuclear weapons.

  • Curtis_JB



    Alright, we lied about you being able to keep your present
    coverage, and we lied about you being able to keep your favorite
    doctor, and we lied about you being able to see specialists without
    referrals, and we lied about premiums not going up, and we lied about
    not imposing taxes, and we lied about the act paying for itself, and
    we lied about the website being ready, and we lied about instituting
    mandates, and we lied about the penalties, and we lied about the
    deadlines, and lied about about taking care of all your needs and we
    lied about…well, just about everything. Now, we want you to know
    what are you going to do about it? Not much…….after all, “the
    law is the law” now and we can’t just change it to suit
    you…..even though we gave so many others waivers, exemptions and
    ourselves subsidies!

    We could delay or repeal it but that would prove the Republicans
    were correct….and that is WAY to damaging for us to admit to, so
    shut up, drink your Kool-Aid and TRUST us!”

  • Curtis_JB

    Just wait until the full impact of the ACA hits all of those loyal
    DNC voters in the pocket book:

    1. 300% increase in Healthcare
    premiums and deductibles, limited choice of doctors;
    2. Waiting 4 weeks to get an appointment;
    3. Rationing or denial of expensive procedures;
    4. Premiums will increase between 10% and 20% every
    year, year after year.
    5. And for married couples with a joint
    income over $90K per year, they can look forward to an additional
    $16K per year in taxes on top of the taxes they already pay.

    The fastest, truest and guaranteed way to make a Democrat vote for a
    Republican is to hit them in their wallet. Democrats are fine with
    making somebody else pay for their social experiments, but find it
    intolerable when they have to chip in and help pay the bill. The DNC
    knows this and are scrambling to save their backsides.

  • Curtis_JB

    Concerning Obummer care….But I thought the initial legislation was supposed to fix
    everything??? So what will fix the fix? And what will fix that fix
    when that fix doesn’t work and fix the initial fix? And then will
    Obama fix the fix of the fix that was supposed to fix the fix that
    fixed everything? But then when that fix doesn’t fix what it was
    supposed to fix of fix to fix the initial fix that was supposed to
    fix everything, what are we going to do? And….now I’m confused.
    Just trust us, Sheeple……..drink the Kool-Aid….it and ObamCare
    are GOOD for you!!

  • bucidart

    Obama’s impeachment trial should start on Wednesday, finish on Thursday and hung for treason on Friday.
    Joe Bucci
    Pig Hunters of America
    PiG = progressive in America
    Use the 1st Amendment to protect the 2nd.
    Speak loud with a big smile.

  • Thomas J. Ryan

    He is not a king. A King has a pedigree. We can’t even decide where O’Bama is from. A king is respectful of his people’s history and traditions; O’Bama is not.

  • triangle whip

    As for liberals embracing Islam, let them have it in FULL DOSE. It will be entertaining.

  • Invictus_Lux

    The 10′s of millions of Latino and black single moms want to thank American single, married and widowed men for being their sugar daddies for our illegitimate children and working an extra 2 months out of every year to keep us voting democrat and by purchasing maternity care and child-services care to underwrite our insurance subsidies for services you can never use. Now that we have free contraception too – feel free to “date us” and be interviewed for a friends-with-benefits and EBT card share arrangement…

  • fliteking

    Have a Great Thanksgiving and God Bless,

  • Resident Onc.

    … and you’ll lose (again) in 2016…