The 2nd Annual Frogleg Cookout & Sunday Brunch- Details & RSVP video

    • WHEN: Saturday August 4, 2018 [6 pm-10 pm] optional brunch next morning
    • WHERE: Puckett’s Grocery, Lieper’s Fork, TN MAP
    • GPS ADDRESS: 4142 Old Hillsboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064
    • COST: $20-30 per person payable to Pucketts at time of event
    • Airport: Nashville International Airport
    • Where to Stay: Any type of Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, RV Camping you can imagine in the Nashville area.


Last year worked out so nice, we’re doing it again the same time—the first weekend of August, Aug 4 at Puckett’s Grocery in gorgeous Lieper’s Fork Tennessee—which is a cool 30 minute drive South of Nashville— and do not be deceived by the name “Grocery.”

Puckett’s is a restaurant/bar/old-time general store… with a live band.  The perfect blend of unique and awesome.

The tickets are free— but I asked that you not take any unless you know for sure you can come because seating will be limited to 150 peeps.

And while the tickets are free—everyone will be required to pay Pucketts directly for food and drinks. Even if you’re not eating or drinking, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $10—— but it shouldn’t cost more than about $30 per person for the entire evening.

ALSO—many of you guys have expressed an interest in seeing (my) Pastor Steve in action–well, MORE Good news, although things can change—Pastor Steve IS scheduled to preach Sunday morning, August 5 at Grace Chapel (also located in Lieper’s Fork) MAP.

SUNDAY BRUNCH (Mandatorily Optional):

RSVP NOT required for the brunch.  And those of you wanting to catch a church service can do so [Services at 9 AM Second service at 11:11 AM] and you’ll still make the Brunch with plenty of time. —then we go back out to Puckett for Sunday brunch… and they have a live band again.


As cool as the Franklin-Lieper’s Fork area is… if you want more exciting surroundings, aka nightlife, live music, restaurants, etc. I would recommend that you stay in Nashville.

Because Nashville is awesome. 

Nashville traffic:  The downside to the awesomeness that is NashVegas…..The traffic can really suck—which makes Uber a surprisingly pleasant option.

Click here if you would like to contribute towards the party costs.

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