3rd Annual Frogleg Cookout- Details, RSVP


Hey guys!

It’s time to mark your calendar for this year’s Frogleg Cookout. And for our NEW FRIENDS, it’s not really a cookout and we won’t be eating froglegs (unless we’re lucky!)  AS always—it is the first Saturday in August.

This year, rather than an evening event— we’re having it during the day… and it’s absolutely free to join us, but everyone pays for their own food and drink. Last year, I inadvertently ended up getting stuck with a big bill. Once bitten twice shy.

Join your fellow Froglegians for an afternoon of fun, frivolity, liberal ridicule & meat.

***Adult beverages will be available. Consume wisely 

It’s Free— But CLICK HERE to RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Leiper’s Fork is a short 25-minute drive from Nashville… And it is absolutely beautiful country.

CLICK HERE for a short video of Puckett’s.

CLICK HERE for a short video of Leiper’s Fork.

Of course, we’re learning as we go.  Last year it was difficult talking over the band—- so this year, no band... but we WILL have music with a VOLUME control, lol.


Last year a lot of folks went to my church Grace Chapel on Sunday to see Pastor Steve. As of this announcement, we don’t know if pastor Steve will be preaching that weekend. For those of you that don’t know Pastor Steve—- he’s one of those special pastors: a Leiper’s Fork pastor that regularly lunches and prays with President Trump.

Send your Questions/Comments to [email protected]

Thanks and God bless…

Joe Dan

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