A black Christian conservative rock band? Somebody’s offended somewhere!

Alfonzo Rachel

15719_1379940588244_3411853_nA lot of you folks know my friend Alfonzo Rachel of AlfonzoRachel.com as the debonair Christian conservative political commentator who regularly appears on PJTV, and you’ve seen him on Fox News.  But that’s not all!

Aside from being a supporter of Intellectual Froglegs since Day 1, and aside from being an author, and aside from being a ninja master (no joke)— Zo is the drummer and founder of a Christian conservative rock band in the Los Angeles.  Yup, the one in California.

The band is called 20 LB Sledge… here’s the catch, despite being in the heart of California…. they’re actually promoting Faith and Patriotism in our culture.


Slammin’ like a Patriot Missile, 20 lb SLEDGE is the L.A. BASED ruff Rock music project produced by Macho Sauce Productions.  

So don’t be shy, share if you approve, and don’t forget to support conservative entertainment and media whenever you can….cuz they’re on your side.  

Visit the Band’s website here http://20lb-sledge.com/

Follow them on Twitter here https://twitter.com/20lbSledgeHeads

Now here’s their music video “Divine Battery” 

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