And he won’t back down….

ap_739575857783The attacks on Trump are getting nastier and nastier,  it’s going to continue—so get used to it.  But you need to understand it for what it is. Trump is now over the target and the GOP is now in a full-blown panic (The same can be said to a lesser degree for Ted Cruz -which is why a Trump Cruz ticket would be awesome)

But who is ‘they’?  They are our political ruling class… They are the big money donors of the establishment republicans. They are the people who gave us McCain and Romney and who now prefer Jeb Bush (El Jebbe), Marco Rubio (Ricky Ricardo) or John Kasich (the human rash)…aka candidates they can control.

They’ve resorted to calling Trump a fascist, a nazi, a racist and comparing him to Obama. Which is not true, not true, not true and… not true.  The entire establishment is shaking in their boots— and this is EXACTLY why we need President Trump (and VP Ted Cruz).

Pay attention to how the news outlets use the same phraseology—especially among the broadcast news ABC, NBC, CNN, etc (“Has Trump crossed the line?” “Has Trump finally crossed the line?” “Trump crosses the line – details next!”)  And watch how one news outlet will take something— it will be repeated by others….as it gets bigger and bigger —like my Uncle Perry’s fish stories.

Case in Point:  Trump did not attack a handicap – Trump hit back against a nasty liberal, a nasty New York Times liberal— a reporter that publicly (and inaccurately) called Donald a liar (re: the 9-11 muslim celebration)— and who just happened to be handicap.

Serge, New York Times character assassin

But like everything else—they have twisted it into something it’s not.

But Serge F. Kovaleski, the tear-inducing handicapped victim of Trump—is actually quite good at yellow tabloidism– As one of the New York Times hit men, Serge dropped an unverified, practically un-sourced bomb on George Zimmerman…you remember George, the racist hispanic that was attacked by Obama’s (if I had a ) son Trayvon Martin.
This is the big leagues, Serge— you can’t throw a punch and not expect to get hit back—regardless of your golden badge of victimhood.
Oh—back on the Trump’s alleged lie about New Jersey muslims, which started this whole thing.  Aside from multiple articles (here and here), a CNN video from 2009 that discusses the event, and the ‘common knowledge’ that muslims around the world were celebrating 9-11—–turns out there’s also an official New Jersey police record of it.
What really makes them crazy—Donald continues to be proven right.
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