#26 “Back in the USSA: The Extended Pravda Dance Version”


old time ear trumpetsThe radical left likes to ridicule ‘normal people’ for using the word ‘communism’ as if it is such a complex notion, we could not possibly understand.  Well, maybe we aren’t experts on communism, but PRAVDA is… and they say “Communism has won in America.”

Everyone seems to know this—except us. They explain that ‘communism won America, because we have become an ‘illiterate society’— hard to argue when we now have morons for role models.

Also we have a tribute to Jonathan Winters…. a cameo by Gene Shallot Elvis with cool tunes throughout, featuring ELO, ZZ Top, Billy Preston and Ray Charles from 1972.

DO NOT FRET: This episode’s longer runtime is an exception and not the rule.

if you’ve never, or if it’s been a while since you read the Declaration of Independence, you should do so.  Focus on the language more in the middle and end.

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Some of the videos from this episode…

Ray Charles Dick Cavett 1972

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  • So how can a conservative make a difference?

    I met a Soil and Water Conservation district elected representative at a Tea Party meeting who told me they are addressing Agenda 21 issues and voting on them regularly and that most of the reps were not aware that these issues were related to Agenda 21. That person is making a positive difference in an outside-the-box way.

    I know a small town manager who has made the constitution and state law the litmus test of his decision making. Sounds like simple common sense but as you know that is not as common any more today.

    Think of the growing number of sheriffs in our nation who have openly stated that they will not enforce “laws” that are un-constitutional.

    Now, especially, with out federal government run amok, it is critically important for conservatives to be actively involved in local government. Hopefully our local conservative government can help shield us a little from the nuts in Washington, D.C. Because most of us feel like our reps don’t listen to us much even though we make a point to tell them why they should vote constitutionally.

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      Good insight Julliane.

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    For the Complaints about new format – – – this site runs GREAT in CHROME browser, fair in Firefox, and slowly in IE .

    Another fantastic episode. Well done.

  • Another excellent episode, my friend! You, sir, are on a roll. Keep it up!

  • Take care of yourself, JD. Cannot live without you!! Be good!

  • Yeah, Buddy! The comical suppository helps us all understand these difficult concepts! I’m right there with ya! I lived in Russia for a few years and I know that communism isn’t dead there, it just got a facelift and lube-job. We is all commies now, just like Nikita Kruschechev said we would be; not with a bloody revolution (much to the dismay of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn), but with a pussified whimper from the masses and a first family radical fist bump in the White House. We is there, kids! No need for those dreaded FEMA camps now…commies do their dirty work in the open….UNAFRAID and unconcerned with polling data! We’re all being fitted for our shackles as you read, ’cause Big Bro has your facebook info down pat! Time to pick out the wallpaper for the GULAG cells, as we’ll probably be there for a while. Dasvidanya, durakij ee suckij! (That’s “Good bye fools & bitches” in Russia!) You get what you pay for.