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I’m back. This episode is funded by The Low-Information Voters SuperPac… recognized in the awesome final segment btw. Okay it’s not really a super pac, but the awesome patriots and supporters of Intellectual Froglegs, which is 100% viewer funded.

NEW #NeverHillary
NEW #NeverHillary -CLICK IMAGE

#NeverTrump is fading into the sunset… now relegated to a few tassel loafered pockets of resistance….and social media trollers.  The Anger babies, if you will (a phrase coined by my friend Anthony Adams, I liked it so I stole it).  These folks like Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol, Paul Ryan, etc… believe themselves to be intellectually superior to all of us.  They represent purist of the pure… the self-appointed guardians of conservatism, who for the most part are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

First.. where was their little #NeverRomney when we were forced to vote for the Grandfather of Obamacare?  Or #NeverMcCain?

One of Little Ben's many snotty Twitter posts.
One of Little Ben’s many snotty Twitter posts.

Apparently McCain-Feingold didn’t infringe on our first amendment TOO much.

The primary is over.  Trump won.  Grow up.

Any American with a brain knows we cannot allow Hillary Clinton to become president.

The ending tunage is as classic as it gets…and the quality is outstanding.  Paul Rodgers, the original lead vocalist for Bad Company and Free, teams up with  legendary guitarist Brain May of Queen.  Good stuff.  Party on Garth…



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