The Joy of Capitalism

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After numerous in-depth studies, consultations and psychedelic drugs—we have concluded that Democrats are Crackheads.

They hate America, they hate Elvis, they hate Jesus and apple pie.

The few offices they hold, you see an abuse of power every time. Democrat Mayors & Governors ignoring federal laws.  The Congressional Democrats are issuing subpoenas like candy to continue the nonstop harassment of Pres. Trump.

And honestly, it’s not Donald Trump.  I’m not even sure it’s personal….hating, slandering and sabotaging their political opponents is just part of the Democrat job

Their “group hate” began escalating under Bush II.  Then the way they treated Sarah Palin was an absolute disgrace—But the even bigger disgrace was how the Republican ‘men’ stood around and did not lift a finger to defend her.

So Pres. Trump was just next in line in the cycle.  And this is the cycle we need to end.

Take nothing for granted.

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God bless,

Joe Dan

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THREATENING KIDS: Liberals are the biggest jerks in the world now.  Ava Martinez, the 8-year-old girl, featured in the new episode of intellectual frog legs for her awesome impersonation of AOC was forced to delete all of her social media accounts after she and her family were harassed by liberals.

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