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Fiscal Cliff? What About Our Spiritual Cliff?

As usual, our enlightened society is focused on the wrong thing…  The following is a timely note from Franklin Graham (12/27/2012). I would like to briefly add this:  There is a process known as ’cause & effect’ which should not be ignored…and we are barreling towards this fiscal cliff as a DIRECT RESULT of having […]

The Deadly Liberal Fairy Tale of ‘Gun-Free School Zones’

Contrary to intent—the implementation of the Gun-Free School Zone Act has actually led to an increase in the mass murder of innocent American children. This sign is not a warning. It’s an invitation and a green light rolled into one highly-visible, taxpayer-funded ‘All-Clear’ Signal for any lunatic with a gun. And those of you who promoted, supported […]

“Freedom or Fairness? Pick one” – Intellectual Frog Legs #11

The Democrat Party promotes “fairness”— You know who else promoted fairnesss?  I’ll give you a hint: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Awesome tunage from Bob Segar, Chet Baker, The O’Jays and more… [youtube]

The Alternate Universe of the American Democrat

Democrats get offended when you refer to them as ‘un-American’— but then again, democrats are offended by facts in general. They’re so offended by ‘History’ that they re-write or omit it. They’re offended by Christians, Fox News, Walmart & God. They’re offended by the Bible, prayer, capitalism, and borders. They are offended by tradition, budgets, […]

Corporate Greed vs Political Greed – Intellectual Froglegs #10

For decades… we’ve heard of the many evils of Corporate Greed from our schools and our TVs—but not so much on Political Greed. Why on earth not? Actually, I’d rather have Corporate Greed than Political greed—ANY day. But to be fair—let’s ask the good folks of Cuba and Venezuela what they think. Who did Obama really inherit […]

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