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Journey through a Liberal Brain (thorough yet brief) – Intellectual Froglegs #4

Intellectual Frog Legs Show #4:  Join Joe Dan with a journey into the Liberal Brain.  Don’t worry it’s a short trip.  Plus: Obama loves China, Janet Reno Lurch sing Duet and the Chinese Fish Woman.   All in this one video.  And it’s FREE!  LOL Visit the Intellectual Frog Legs website.  Sign up for the […]

Notorious Christian Victoria Jackson picks “Prayer for America” by JoeDanMedia

Anyone in show business who KNOWINGLY stands up for God and America— knowing that in doing so they’re in effect ‘ending their career as they knew it’ is among the handful of entertainers that are actually worthy of respect. And that’s why Victoria Jackson has my utmost respect. This week on her website, Victoria selected “Prayer for America” […]

MEDIA 101: The Art of Perception

And THAT Virginia is how we ended up with a Marxist in the White House… As conservatives, we embrace the rational. We embrace tradition. We don’t re-write history, we learn from it. We know lower taxes generate increased revenues. We see socialism’s undeniable track-record of failure after documented failure. And we LIKE this One Nation […]

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