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Dangerous Fairy Tales [IFL No. 15]

Guns did not place those children in harm’s way.  The NRA did not place those children in harm’s way.  Even the lunatic with the gun did not place these children in harm’s way….  Liberalism’s deadly fairy-tale of Gun Free School Zones placed those children in harms way. The president and his children are protected by guns. […]

The Sigmund Frauds of Academia (column)

The Sigmund Frauds of Academia (column)

Grooming tomorrow’s voters… today Schools no longer strive for truth, wisdom and knowledge—their goal is to propagate agenda-driven opinion. Period. We’ve allowed breathtakingly-selfish, political-hack unions to take over ‘all aspects’ of our public education system, and now they dictate the curriculum –without even a whimper of a challenge. They have become so massive, we don’t […]

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