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Barackalypse Now ‘Drop & Roll’ (Intellectual Froglegs S2E16)

Barackalypse Now ‘Drop & Roll’ (Intellectual Froglegs S2E16)

TROUBLE VIEWING? Click Here to watch on VIMEO. Click Here to watch on Popmodal. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! We all know our Community Organizer in Chief blew off the 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address—but he did take the time to read Lincoln’s speech… well kind of….like the good marxist that Obama is—-he left […]

“Rulers & Peasants” Intellectual Froglegs #17

These are ‘red-letter days’ indeed for communists across the globe. As American citizens find themselves more and more subservient to Democrat Party politicians… Communist Party members are ‘thrilled to the point of giddiness’ to finally have a voice at the government table in the Untied States of America. (Van Jones was so excited, he was […]

The Sigmund Frauds of Academia (column)

The Sigmund Frauds of Academia (column)

Grooming tomorrow’s voters… today Schools no longer strive for truth, wisdom and knowledge—their goal is to propagate agenda-driven opinion. Period. We’ve allowed breathtakingly-selfish, political-hack unions to take over ‘all aspects’ of our public education system, and now they dictate the curriculum –without even a whimper of a challenge. They have become so massive, we don’t […]

“Repeat the truth often enough” Intellectual Froglegs No.13

It’s 2012 and our government still bans books from our institutions of learning… but it’s more than that.  Let’s be honest.  It’s the banning of Christianity. Aside from the fact that our taxpayer funded schools are intentionally omitting the most historically significant book in all of mankind from the curriculum (in the Holy Bible)—they also do not teach the Cambrian […]

God, Science & History

UPDATED March 19, 2013 Here’s a collection of some of my personal recommendations, some cool documentaries, full-length movies, videos & articles on a variety of Pro-God, Pro-God & Science and Pro-American History topics….that you can watch here right now for FREE. Some are fun, some are touching and some are exciting. All are educational. Enjoy… […]

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