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Fiscal Cliff? What About Our Spiritual Cliff?

As usual, our enlightened society is focused on the wrong thing…  The following is a timely note from Franklin Graham (12/27/2012). I would like to briefly add this:  There is a process known as ’cause & effect’ which should not be ignored…and we are barreling towards this fiscal cliff as a DIRECT RESULT of having […]

“Repeat the truth often enough” Intellectual Froglegs No.13

It’s 2012 and our government still bans books from our institutions of learning… but it’s more than that.  Let’s be honest.  It’s the banning of Christianity. Aside from the fact that our taxpayer funded schools are intentionally omitting the most historically significant book in all of mankind from the curriculum (in the Holy Bible)—they also do not teach the Cambrian […]

Prayer for America – Election Day 2012: ‘The Crossroads’

Here we are at the crossroads…. This election is as profoundly important as any other single event in our history… definitely in my life-time.  So, which path will America choose?  Left or right? Will America choose ‘the left path’ and follow Europe’s state-ruled models of economic ineptitude and religious intolerance? OR will America choose ‘the right […]

“Is Obama the Next Henry Ford?” LOL— No (Intellectual Frog Legs #7)

One of the themes of the Democrat convention was how Obama, a.k.a. Captain Destruct-O saved the Auto Industry. On the other hand, ‘sane’ people know this to be a a complete fairy tale. Is Barack Obama the next Henry Ford?  lol, not hardly. Also, Joe Biden does his drunk dance, Bill Clinton breaks out his […]

Most Muslims still cheering September 11, 2001….

It was NOT ‘a group of men’ that attacked the United States on September 11, 2001—it was an ideology…an ideology of the most extreme—the dangerous and ever-growing cult of death called Islam. These radicals…who believe they have God’s permission to lie (see Taqiyya) with their twisted “the end justifies the means” philosophy— represent only a […]

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