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“Live 2 Die” previously banned by YouTube is back. This time on Vimeo…

“Live 2 Die” —my video that takes a close, honest and intense look at radical islam is available again.   Previously banned by YouTube’ for ‘inappropriate and offensive content’ is now available on Vimeo! For how long, who knows? Because Vimeo had ALSO removed it— Yesterday, I re-submitted.. So far so good. [vimeo 48338292 w=500 h=331] Live […]

The Liberal Church of the Intolerant Heart… and Zombies -Intellectual Froglegs #5

This week’s Intellectual Frog Legs episode is a little more personal…  It’s basically a wrap up of my experience here in Kansas City with an insanely politically-correct Liberal church.  But the BIG question is “Do you know where your church stands?”  Drop me a line and lemme know. Here’s your weekend supply of fresh frog […]

Liberal Churches – Liars, Bigots and Hypocrites

Back in April, I wrote a piece called “Where in the hell are the churches?” In it, I detail how I was denied baptism by Kansas City’s Heartland Community Church because of my political views. Now I’m publicly chronicling these events because it’s an ‘eyeball to eyeball’ look at the most important piece of our society […]

Gays, Chickens & Farrakhan’s Mother Ship – Intellectual Frog Legs #3

A look at the insane intolerance of the Chick-Fil-A circus.  Including Rahm ‘the Ballet Dancer’ Emmanuel, Fred Flintstone, and Clips from the Left’s favorite minister of Hate… Minister Farrakhan comments on Gay Marriage. Created & Hosted by Joe Dan Gorman, Mash PLAY to begin your feature presentation.  Runtime 6 Minutes CLOSING MUSIC: No Rules for […]

The Chick-Fil-A Brouhaha is NOT about gay marriage…

This Chick-Fil-A/Gay marriage Bruhaha…is not about chicken, gay marriage or gay chickens in bondage. It’s just another chance for the angry, intolerant and ‘pompously’ ignorant anti-God left to chastise & ridicule Christians in the public square…as they have done for thousands of years. So, this is about standing up for one of the few good things […]

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