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“Christians can’t vote Democrat” The Movie – Intellectual Froglegs #1- THE DEBUT)

Welcome to Intellectual Frog Legs! A short fun video-cast about important stuff, not media-generated outrage of the day.  [Episode inspired by the following column of the same title published June 17, 2012]. Mash ‘PLAY’ to begin your feature presentation… ——————– Truthfully… a ‘real’ Christian should only need ‘one’ reason, but today’s Democrat Party actually provides a smorgasbord […]

You can’t separate politics and religion… nor should you try.

You can’t separate politics and religion… nor should you try.

It takes intentional deception or just plain ignorance to believe that our Founding Fathers intended or would tolerate any restrictions on religion. They did place heavy restrictions on Government…. restrictions that have been blatantly and repeatedly violated, shredded, burned, beaten, stabbed, electrocuted and sodomized by government. In a total ‘mind-twisting event’ for the secular-left, the Founding Fathers actually brought religion and government […]

Notorious Christian Victoria Jackson picks “Prayer for America” by JoeDanMedia

Anyone in show business who KNOWINGLY stands up for God and America— knowing that in doing so they’re in effect ‘ending their career as they knew it’ is among the handful of entertainers that are actually worthy of respect. And that’s why Victoria Jackson has my utmost respect. This week on her website, Victoria selected “Prayer for America” […]

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