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If God was gay… singing hymns would be mandatory

Dear Diary… Well… my latest attempt to ‘fire up‘ my conservative brothers and sisters, sure did backfire.  I made some folks so mad— they de-friended me on facebook, blocked my tweets, changed their Yahoo screen-name, reported me to Skype, uncircled my Google Plus and left nasty comments on my YouTube channel.  Wow, that stings. But somehow… I managed […]

It’s time for Christians & Jews to say “Bullsh*t”

Man has tried for thousands of years to disprove, discredit and debunk God and the Bible.  Holy cow, how much more time do you guys need? Another hour? Another millennium? NOTHING has ever been so thoroughly scrutinized & so meticulously studied…but the more they dig—the more ‘evidence’ that they find that actually SUPPORTS God and the Bible.  Oops. […]

The Founding Fathers were too stupid to say what they meant… or something

The Founding Fathers were too stupid to say what they meant… or something

According to the secular-left, anti-God forces, who for years have been trying to distort, bury and airbrush away any and all evidence of our rich Christian Heritage—our founding fathers were —simply put——too stupid to articulate what they really meant to say (you know, some real Beavis & Buttheads like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson).  Thank goodness […]

God versus ‘the mighty cosmic fart’

Wow, I was surprised to find that contrary to popular belief, there are actually many physicists that not only believe in God—but also embrace and marvel at the magnificence of GOD through their science. What the?  This cannot be!!!! But of course, we also have many, much louder physicists (that don’t smile much) that say,  “Well, […]

Where in the hell are the churches?

Where in the hell are the churches?

I don’t write about this topic lightly, and as you’ll see by the dates—I’ve allowed several months and multiple opportunities to pass.  I have no desire to ‘broad-brush’ an entire church based on the behavior of one or two representatives and NO WAY will I lie about a church, but as it turns out, my ‘now former church’ is […]

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