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Gun Control Media: What the attack on Dr Carson shows

Gun Control Media: What the attack on Dr Carson shows

by John Nolte, Breitbart In just three short years, after 12 mass murderers have targeted 12 schools, too many of them with tragic success, the national media’s position on this matter is painfully clear: the media wants our school children helpless and dead. The media won’t say that of course. What they do say is that […]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (IFL S2E11)

To Watch on PopModal CLICK HERE  or on Vimeo CLICK HERE It took our federal government 44 years to put America in 8 Trillion Dollar Debt—- from 1963 to 2007– yet almost inconceivably, today’s Socialist Democrat Party has matched that insane amount in only 6 years.   SIX YEARS! And now these Democrat Free-Spenders don’t […]

One size does NOT fit all… the schools and the media

From Dave at Moonbattery: How did left-wing radical fruitcakes like the Taxman in Chief take control of America and steer it on a course that history has repeatedly proven leads to disaster? True moonbats have always been a small percentage of the population. But even if their ideology is communist crazy, their strategy is sound. They […]

The Deadly Liberal Fairy Tale of ‘Gun-Free School Zones’

Contrary to intent—the implementation of the Gun-Free School Zone Act has actually led to an increase in the mass murder of innocent American children. This sign is not a warning. It’s an invitation and a green light rolled into one highly-visible, taxpayer-funded ‘All-Clear’ Signal for any lunatic with a gun. And those of you who promoted, supported […]

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