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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (IFL S2E11)

To Watch on PopModal CLICK HERE  or on Vimeo CLICK HERE It took our federal government 44 years to put America in 8 Trillion Dollar Debt—- from 1963 to 2007– yet almost inconceivably, today’s Socialist Democrat Party has matched that insane amount in only 6 years.   SIX YEARS! And now these Democrat Free-Spenders don’t […]

The Deadly Liberal Fairy Tale of ‘Gun-Free School Zones’

Contrary to intent—the implementation of the Gun-Free School Zone Act has actually led to an increase in the mass murder of innocent American children. This sign is not a warning. It’s an invitation and a green light rolled into one highly-visible, taxpayer-funded ‘All-Clear’ Signal for any lunatic with a gun. And those of you who promoted, supported […]

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