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“Rulers & Peasants” Intellectual Froglegs #17

These are ‘red-letter days’ indeed for communists across the globe. As American citizens find themselves more and more subservient to Democrat Party politicians… Communist Party members are ‘thrilled to the point of giddiness’ to finally have a voice at the government table in the Untied States of America. (Van Jones was so excited, he was […]

One size does NOT fit all… the schools and the media

From Dave at Moonbattery: How did left-wing radical fruitcakes like the Taxman in Chief take control of America and steer it on a course that history has repeatedly proven leads to disaster? True moonbats have always been a small percentage of the population. But even if their ideology is communist crazy, their strategy is sound. They […]

Dangerous Fairy Tales [IFL No. 15]

Guns did not place those children in harm’s way.  The NRA did not place those children in harm’s way.  Even the lunatic with the gun did not place these children in harm’s way….  Liberalism’s deadly fairy-tale of Gun Free School Zones placed those children in harms way. The president and his children are protected by guns. […]

“Freedom or Fairness? Pick one” – Intellectual Frog Legs #11

The Democrat Party promotes “fairness”— You know who else promoted fairnesss?  I’ll give you a hint: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Awesome tunage from Bob Segar, Chet Baker, The O’Jays and more… [youtube]

Corporate Greed vs Political Greed – Intellectual Froglegs #10

For decades… we’ve heard of the many evils of Corporate Greed from our schools and our TVs—but not so much on Political Greed. Why on earth not? Actually, I’d rather have Corporate Greed than Political greed—ANY day. But to be fair—let’s ask the good folks of Cuba and Venezuela what they think. Who did Obama really inherit […]

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