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“Is Obama the Next Henry Ford?” LOL— No (Intellectual Frog Legs #7)

One of the themes of the Democrat convention was how Obama, a.k.a. Captain Destruct-O saved the Auto Industry. On the other hand, ‘sane’ people know this to be a a complete fairy tale. Is Barack Obama the next Henry Ford?  lol, not hardly. Also, Joe Biden does his drunk dance, Bill Clinton breaks out his […]

The Conservative Crusader and Uncle Omar – IFL #6

With the DNC kicking off this week–what better time to have something besides a congregation of lying liberals to watch.  You can thank us later. In this exciting episode of non-stop ninja action— we have a tribute to Clint Eastwood, Meet the Obama’s & WHO is this Conservative Crusader? [youtube] This weeks featured Closing Music… Shambala by Three […]

The Liberal Church of the Intolerant Heart… and Zombies -Intellectual Froglegs #5

This week’s Intellectual Frog Legs episode is a little more personal…  It’s basically a wrap up of my experience here in Kansas City with an insanely politically-correct Liberal church.  But the BIG question is “Do you know where your church stands?”  Drop me a line and lemme know. Here’s your weekend supply of fresh frog […]

Journey through a Liberal Brain (thorough yet brief) – Intellectual Froglegs #4

Intellectual Frog Legs Show #4:  Join Joe Dan with a journey into the Liberal Brain.  Don’t worry it’s a short trip.  Plus: Obama loves China, Janet Reno Lurch sing Duet and the Chinese Fish Woman.   All in this one video.  And it’s FREE!  LOL Visit the Intellectual Frog Legs website.  Sign up for the […]

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