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Corporate Greed vs Political Greed – Intellectual Froglegs #10

For decades… we’ve heard of the many evils of Corporate Greed from our schools and our TVs—but not so much on Political Greed. Why on earth not? Actually, I’d rather have Corporate Greed than Political greed—ANY day. But to be fair—let’s ask the good folks of Cuba and Venezuela what they think. Who did Obama really inherit […]

Obama’s Magic Calculator, Elvis Presley & Ann-Marie Murrell

Less than 30 days till “Vote Out Obama Day” —and shenanigans are in no short supply. Welcome to Intellectual Frog Legs No. 9. AS usual, the libs are focusing on genitalia while the economy circles the drain… and after getting his clock cleaned by Romney, Obama announced the largest positive ‘unemployment rate’ jump in 30 years…in the […]

50 Ways to leave Obama & a visit from Dr Gina

Dr Gina Loudon, author of Ladies & Gentlemen, Politichick, Fox News Contributor & host of The Dr Gina Radio Show is the VERY FIRST guest on Intellectual Frog legs.  Jot this down as it will most certainly be a trivia question. Dr Gina and Joe Dan cut up about Michelle Obama, the election and the […]

“Is Obama the Next Henry Ford?” LOL— No (Intellectual Frog Legs #7)

One of the themes of the Democrat convention was how Obama, a.k.a. Captain Destruct-O saved the Auto Industry. On the other hand, ‘sane’ people know this to be a a complete fairy tale. Is Barack Obama the next Henry Ford?  lol, not hardly. Also, Joe Biden does his drunk dance, Bill Clinton breaks out his […]

The Conservative Crusader and Uncle Omar – IFL #6

With the DNC kicking off this week–what better time to have something besides a congregation of lying liberals to watch.  You can thank us later. In this exciting episode of non-stop ninja action— we have a tribute to Clint Eastwood, Meet the Obama’s & WHO is this Conservative Crusader? [youtube] This weeks featured Closing Music… Shambala by Three […]

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