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“Rulers & Peasants” Intellectual Froglegs #17

These are ‘red-letter days’ indeed for communists across the globe. As American citizens find themselves more and more subservient to Democrat Party politicians… Communist Party members are ‘thrilled to the point of giddiness’ to finally have a voice at the government table in the Untied States of America. (Van Jones was so excited, he was […]

The Sigmund Frauds of Academia (column)

The Sigmund Frauds of Academia (column)

Grooming tomorrow’s voters… today Schools no longer strive for truth, wisdom and knowledge—their goal is to propagate agenda-driven opinion. Period. We’ve allowed breathtakingly-selfish, political-hack unions to take over ‘all aspects’ of our public education system, and now they dictate the curriculum –without even a whimper of a challenge. They have become so massive, we don’t […]

Carville: Democrats basically “Dumb & Lazy”

[HT Dave Blount/Moonbattery] There is no audio or video… so it might not be an accurately credited to James Carville, but it makes no difference—it’s ‘what is said’—not ‘who said it’, that’s important. Because the following description of democrat voters is nothing less than an absolute brilliant analysis. The remainder of this piece is attributed to […]

Obama’s Magic Calculator, Elvis Presley & Ann-Marie Murrell

Less than 30 days till “Vote Out Obama Day” —and shenanigans are in no short supply. Welcome to Intellectual Frog Legs No. 9. AS usual, the libs are focusing on genitalia while the economy circles the drain… and after getting his clock cleaned by Romney, Obama announced the largest positive ‘unemployment rate’ jump in 30 years…in the […]

The Liberal Church of the Intolerant Heart… and Zombies -Intellectual Froglegs #5

This week’s Intellectual Frog Legs episode is a little more personal…  It’s basically a wrap up of my experience here in Kansas City with an insanely politically-correct Liberal church.  But the BIG question is “Do you know where your church stands?”  Drop me a line and lemme know. Here’s your weekend supply of fresh frog […]

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