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Journey through a Liberal Brain (thorough yet brief) – Intellectual Froglegs #4

Intellectual Frog Legs Show #4:  Join Joe Dan with a journey into the Liberal Brain.  Don’t worry it’s a short trip.  Plus: Obama loves China, Janet Reno Lurch sing Duet and the Chinese Fish Woman.   All in this one video.  And it’s FREE!  LOL Visit the Intellectual Frog Legs website.  Sign up for the […]

Gays, Chickens & Farrakhan’s Mother Ship – Intellectual Frog Legs #3

A look at the insane intolerance of the Chick-Fil-A circus.  Including Rahm ‘the Ballet Dancer’ Emmanuel, Fred Flintstone, and Clips from the Left’s favorite minister of Hate… Minister Farrakhan comments on Gay Marriage. Created & Hosted by Joe Dan Gorman, Mash PLAY to begin your feature presentation.  Runtime 6 Minutes CLOSING MUSIC: No Rules for […]

The Chick-Fil-A Brouhaha is NOT about gay marriage…

This Chick-Fil-A/Gay marriage Bruhaha…is not about chicken, gay marriage or gay chickens in bondage. It’s just another chance for the angry, intolerant and ‘pompously’ ignorant anti-God left to chastise & ridicule Christians in the public square…as they have done for thousands of years. So, this is about standing up for one of the few good things […]

Notorious Christian Victoria Jackson picks “Prayer for America” by JoeDanMedia

Anyone in show business who KNOWINGLY stands up for God and America— knowing that in doing so they’re in effect ‘ending their career as they knew it’ is among the handful of entertainers that are actually worthy of respect. And that’s why Victoria Jackson has my utmost respect. This week on her website, Victoria selected “Prayer for America” […]

If God was gay… singing hymns would be mandatory

Dear Diary… Well… my latest attempt to ‘fire up‘ my conservative brothers and sisters, sure did backfire.  I made some folks so mad— they de-friended me on facebook, blocked my tweets, changed their Yahoo screen-name, reported me to Skype, uncircled my Google Plus and left nasty comments on my YouTube channel.  Wow, that stings. But somehow… I managed […]

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