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The Big Fat Atheist Lie: Danbury Revisited #14

As we drift further and further into the ‘abyss of the immoral‘… hostilities against Christmas have reached a new level of absurd intolerance. Now ‘cartoon characters’ Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the gang are named in the latest version of what has become known as “The Annual Atheist Yuletide Lawsuit.” It’s no longer even news that Christmas Trees […]

The Summer Soldier & the Sunshine Patriot [Intellectual Froglegs #12]

Well… a sad day indeed for the United States of America.  The American people elected to follow the Europeans down the fiscal crapper…and conservatives are either scrambling to figure our what is wrong OR they have lapsed into an apathetic funk. Snap out of it. To be humbled is NOT to be defeated…and giving up […]

It’s time for Christians & Jews to say “Bullsh*t”

Man has tried for thousands of years to disprove, discredit and debunk God and the Bible.  Holy cow, how much more time do you guys need? Another hour? Another millennium? NOTHING has ever been so thoroughly scrutinized & so meticulously studied…but the more they dig—the more ‘evidence’ that they find that actually SUPPORTS God and the Bible.  Oops. […]

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