Are YOU smarter than an 8th Grader? Check out this ‘105 yr old’ 8th Grade Test

Classroom 1900s

Reposted from 2012
So, do you believe American children are smarter than their counterparts in 1912?  And forget about computers—most of these kids didn’t even have electricity.

The following Eighth Grade Exam is from the Bullitt County (KY) Schools in 1912.  Note that there are several typesetting mistakes on the test including a mistake in the spelling list. The word “eneeavor” should be “endeavor.”

No Googling…3, 2, 1  GO!

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Joe Dan Gorman
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  • Jerry N LouAnn Olson

    I remember my grandfather Asking Me Questions Like this Growing up. He was briiliant compared to what passes for a scholar today . Thanks Joe Dan for sharing this with us.

  • KCTed

    “If they abolished the Dept of Ed, our kids would be ignorant and uneducated, like kids in the past..”
    For those who say that, they should take that test themselves…

  • Anita K Wilson

    I am not sure I could pass this today but in my school years, yes. The spelling words alone would get our youngsters, they have been taught it is ok to spell a word anyway they want to as long as it can be sounded out. Excellent post, Joe Dan.

  • Dave

    Did you ever wonder why our grandparents generation rose to be leaders of industry ? Frequently our parents would say things like,
    “Its astounding what he achieved with only an eight grade education.”
    The average eight grader even 50 years ago was better educated than many college graduates today. Thank you government indoctrination and socialism.

    • lyndaaquarius

      most college graduates,I’d say.

      • lyndaaquarius

        of course,most.

  • Gordon Williams

    I”m not smarter than an eighth grader!!

  • herbert

    My grandfather knew the Bible forwards and backwards.

  • Richard Harpster

    I have shared this link. I’m saddened by what we’ve become. I have two masters degrees and yet feel like I’ve been cheated and robbed. I would have barely passed this exam. I swear if I EVER hear another liberal tout that our “public school system” is a “LIBERAL achievement”, I’m going to punch them square in the face!! Is it possible to start a “legal fund” for me here? I’m guessing I’m going to need it.

  • parlayer

    Now I feel like a street thug!! couldn’t, or lets say I came up short!..

  • runnindeer

    I remember some of the Government questions from 5th grade. It is sad that todays youth don’t get any of this unless it is an elective after they are in College ( if then).

  • Oneyeopn

    I had a teacher in 7th, 8th and 9th grades, for the most part our only teacher and 7th and 8th shared a classroom. He stressed a lot of things such as this and gave us weekly verbal tests asking questions like this. If you answered correctly he would give a postage stamp from a foreign country. Here it is over 40 years later and I still remember Ed Bradley!!!!

  • LCM☝✊

    This is astonishing. Our Gov is definitely dumbing down our children. I am blown away & will pass this along . Thanks Joe

  • scaryinfectionman

    This test isn’t that hard, some things on it in certain sections might be a little adept because they aren’t that relevant anymore, but for the most part it’s quite easy. I’d have to admit though, most of this stuff is taught in schools a year or two later than 8th grade.

  • I had to look up the definition of “kalsomining”….

  • mtman2

    95% of college and university profs would fail this test, forget public school teachers. Though they would say it’s all irrelevant anyhow, then regurgitate the Lefty rhetoric as the alternative reality[and it is definitely that] ~!

  • Lew Patrick

    One of the ten planks of the communist manifesto: Free education for all children in public schools. Thomas Jefferson’s statement of “separation of church and state” was taken totally out of context. In his letters he said he wished he had never made the statement. What he was referring to was separation of school and state. At the time, the most educated were the clergy. All of the Ivy league schools were originally started by the clergy.

  • libertybells2

    Wow I bet not even college graduates could pass this test.

  • MO Conservative

    My only question is – how long were the students given to finish this test? Surely it had be given in pieces over quite a few days. The spelling words alone would totally stump many young people today. They rely on spell correction when using all of their digital instruments and do not know how to spell. I have a new appreciation for my own Father’s 8th grade education in the 1920’s. He had to join his older brothers at work to provide for themselves and their Mother after the passing of their Father when my Dad was only 10. I’d bet his tests were of the same caliber. Joe Dan, you’re the best!