CNN’s Advertisers (list)

Courtesy Media Research Center

AC Pro
Ace Hardware
Alfa Romeo
American Petroleum Institute
AT & T
Behr Paints
Century Link
Clear Choice
Exxon Mobil
Jos. A Bank
Men’s Wearhouse
Mini Cooper
National Car Rental
National Education Association
Pom Wonderful
Sleep Number Beds
Stella Artois
TD Ameritrade
US Postal Service
Vita Coco
Whole Foods

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Joe Dan Gorman
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  • rabidfox2

    Why is the USPS advertising anywhere, let alone in the CNN.

    • well99

      I thought the same thing.

      • TRIP

        They are not a true Federal Agency, protected by them but are independent.

    • Dogbert1

      It’s a way for big govt to bankroll lefty propaganda and fake news.

    • William Burke

      To try and maintain their parcel delivery market share. Their competition advertises heavily and believe it or not, the USPS provides a competitive product. Why wouldn’t they advertise?

      But you’d rather believe some BS instead.

  • TRIP

    Too bad we can’t boycott all these companies but I definitely can for a few of them. Ace Hardware, Bayer, Expedia, Exxon Mobil, McDonald’s, Michelob, National Car Rental, Panera, Whole Foods.
    I use these companies but wouldn’t miss them if they went away. I am done with them till they stop advertising on CNN. I could care less about other networks but CNN must go down!

    • Word of Mouth

      You don’t have to actually boycott them you can just call them up and complain. Like the monopoly Century Link it’s the only option I have for internet service but call them and bitch at them for sponsoring CriminalNewsNetwork.


      • Bob Smith

        No, the best thing to do is to put several of these companies in bankruptcy court, preferably in Chapter 7, to send a message how powerful conservative Americans really are. 1 million Americans dropped Target’s market cap and stock price by 25% in only 6 weeks, about 16 months ago. Its now 1.5 million who’ve signed AFA’s Target boycott petition. I want them out of business, Target, along with Home Depot, Best Buy, especially Starbucks….and many, many more, including garbage food seller McDonalds.

    • William Burke

      Why does it say Michelob? The company is Anheuser-Busch… actually it’s the German conglomerate InBev.

      Yeah, now I get it. Just tell Michelob you’re boycotting all InBev products!

  • Mari

    Call CNN advertisers and tell them you’re boycotting Fake News.

  • helena handbasket

    Chamonix is also a sponsor of Mark Levin.

  • De Plorables Unum

    Happy to report I only use two of companies on the above list because I have no choice…AT&T and USPS.

    • Jon Ratliff

      You could send packages (not mail) through other couriers, because i was thinking the same thing. Also i am getting rid of AT&T but mostly because their service sucks, this just gives me another reason…

      • William Burke

        I suggest not telling AT&T you’re boycotting. We want to first scare them off the Time-Warner merger! Then Zucker gets canned.

    • Bob Smith

      The goal of a boycott isn’t absolute. Meaning, you don’t have to totally quit shopping with them. All you need to do is drop the amount you purchase by 50%, 75%, 90%, and if we can get 5 or 10 million other Americans to join us, CNN will be out of business. That’s why its parent company is trying to sell it. Folks don’t fail in a boycott if they need to buy something from a target company. Just buy as little as possible.

    • Randy Huggins

      Yeah and AT&T is getting too big

  • Thomas

    I will give these sponsors 1 week to drop their advertising with CNN. If they do not I will NEVER buy their products again.

    • Bob Smith

      Now that’s the right attitude, “I will NEVER buy their products again”; put them in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, out of business.

  • cp123

    I will not support any of these companies.

  • alcstein

    I wish there was one email I could send to hit all of them at one time.

    • William Burke

      Yeah, don’t hold your breath. Just email 3-5 per day, then. Have a cut-and-paste you can change a couple specifics in. It’s easy that way!

  • Steve Hodgkiss

    Nicely done!

  • d’arc madr

    I wanted a burger last night (guilty) so guess what McD, I made my own…and I liked it! I bought some replacement hinges for a gate, and guess what Ace Hardware…I got them at Home Depot (even tho I dislike them)! You can’t fake my anger…you will not help the bastards nullify me without consequences!

    • Bob Smith

      Home Depot is worse than Ace Hardware. Let’s put them out of business, both of them.

  • Buster Frankenstein

    The “Liberal” Egghead advertising agencies determine where their clients advertising will be aired, they hide their names from the General Public.

  • White Hetero Male

    To take down a company or organization, all it takes is one snowflake to make a call or write a letter. It’s time to play turnabout.

  • Bob Smith

    Well, the US Postal Service is about to be shut down, so CNN won’t be able to count on it anymore. I boycott all of these and many, many more.Thank you for the list.

  • Bob Smith

    Great to hear so many folks resorting to boycotts! That’s the only strategic way to defeat CNN and its globalist and bankster owners. And, when we get 5-20 million Americans on board, it won’t take a week to send a company the message they will go out of business if they piss us off by supporting progressive/communist causes and George Soros.

  • HeedTheseWords

    Why is Progressive Insurance not listed as a CNN advertiser?

  • Deborah Simmons

    MSNBC and CNN are the most corrupted news channel.