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EVEN NASA’s had to scrub launches.  Our new video platform was not quite “ready for prime time”— something to do with bit-rates and transcoding [people who dress as codes?].  We have pulled our Evault Player as the primary player, and replaced it with Daily Motion—for now.  You can still check it out on Evault, and we also encourage watching on UGETube. 

***NOTE: After the episode is over, Daily Motion autoplays random videos. Some of them are not appropriate.  These following video are not affiliated with Intellectual Froglegs.

I apologize for the less than excellent viewing experience.  Just a hiccup, I assure you.

Everything else should be functioning “within acceptable parameters”  as Spock would say.

Thank you.  God bless.

Joe Dan

Original post…

Thank you guys SO MUCH for your continued support and patience. These past few months have been tough on everybody—including yous truly. It’s hard to be funny when you wanna kill people, lol. But now it’s time to kick-butt and WIN AGAIN!

In the meantime– although you haven’t seen it—we’ve been quite busy.  So I’d like to pull the curtain back and share what we’ve been working on BEHIND THE SCENES.


1. Organization

To start, as many of you know—-I hired Super Assistant Jeanette. She is staying up to date on emails as well as helping me get organized. Be watching for more consistent episodes as well as faster responses to your emails


This is exciting.  You’re watching this episode on our new video platform!

We’re just unveiling OUR new video platform called Evault.  Kind of like YouTube—but no Nazi Moderators.  It’s a ‘full-service’ video platform where we can post our videos without fear of leftwing censorship.

Like the other platforms— you can still grab ’embed codes ‘ to place the show on your site, we can do LIVE broadcasts—and its easy for just regular sharing.

We invite you to create an account.  As this is a SNEAK PEEK –  Currently, all ‘content creators’ are by Invitation Only.

More info coming soon…

Nothing Changes for the Viewer

Videos will always be free and available at the website, as they have always been.

3. We unveiled this new website a few weeks ago— still working out a few kinks.


We’ve been upgrading The Range, our new streaming network so now Intellectual Froglegs is available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku & Spreely TV. Search Range or Range Broadcasting.


Now that Twitter & Facebook have launched a Full-Blown Censorship War against Conservatives— Join me on Parler HERE and Spreely HERE )

If you experience difficulties with any of our new systems, please send a detailed message to Jeanette at [email protected] Make sure it’s not you first. LOL.

Froglegs are free to watch, but they ain’t free to make.  And unlike my counterparts in the crooked corporate media, I have to EARN your business.  So if you like what I do please consider a one-time or recurring contribution.  All amounts appreciated.   But if you’re too broke to donate, no worries—we’re probably cousins, lol.  But you can share the show, and that is VERY important.

I love you guys.

Joe Dan Gorman

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” (Isaiah 40:8)

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