About Joe Dan Gorman: The Man Behind Intellectual Froglegs

Joe Dan Gorman was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, both of which contribute to his southern sense of independence and humor.

Gorman prospered as a real estate broker, investor, and private consultant, serving as vice president of the one-time largest real estate investment entity in Southern Arizona.

And then the unthinkable happened: the booming real estate market collapsed in 2007, leaving Joe Dan’s holdings in tatters.

Concurrently, Gorman was fighting a multi-year battle for custody of his son.

Within three months Joe Dan’s business was shuttered, his son was taken from him, and his father died.

Joe Dan learned first hand something akin to the lessons of Job: he went from material success and a beautiful home, to living in his Aunt Jean’s basement. He searched for work everywhere to no avail, not even burger joints were hiring.

Somehow Gorman summoned his Lone Star State grit and reinvented himself and did something completely out of the box: he created a video on his laptop.

That video entitled “I Will Follow Him,” depicting the media and Hollywood adoration of newly elected Barack Hussein Obama, went viral and set the foundation for a future in political humor via videos:

Following the “I Will Follow Him” success, Joe Dan became a regular guest on KMBZ AM Radio in Kansas City, until new management changed the station format to lefty programming.

Through all of these fiery trials, Joe Dan came into a personal relationship with God, and it surely seems that God “baptized” his imagination: when the going got tough, Gorman got funny. Really funny.

In 2012 Joe Dan created Intellectual Froglegs, and by 2013 was nominated for Video Blogger of the Year at CPAC in Washington DC.

Anyone who watches Intellectual Froglegs gets it: in this era of ideologue ranting and raving on TV, thirty minutes of music-packed, hilarious video is an absolute vacation for the psyche!

Joe Dan gathers the best snippets of Obama and Hillary and Schumer and San Fran Nan and more, sets those videos to rocking tunes and commentary, and entertains while educating the viewer. Oh, those radical Lefties in the country would stroke out if they watched, but everyone else with so much as a grain of common sense falls in love with the episodes.

Can you say guilty pleasure? Actually, there is no residual guilt. Just thirty minutes, give or take, of laughter over the absurdity and looniness of The Left.

As you can well imagine, corporations have tendered affiliate offers. But Gorman has rejected those offers, preferring to stay independent and true to his Christian convictions.

In 2015, by the grace of God, Joe Dan was reunited with his son.

And now, in 2018, Joe Dan Gorman and his Intellectual Froglegs are a smash hit!

Thousands of viewers anxiously await the monthly episodes, gleefully anticipating Gorman’s newest comedic commentary. The videos garner praise from conservatives and patriots nationwide — and the frequent censure of YouTube.

The liberal-owned social media company has more than once taken down an Intellectual Froglegs installment (apparently the truth hurts), forcing Joe Dan to become ever-more creative and utilize other video platforms.

But Gorman presses on, underwritten by the donations of the ever-increasing viewership: once a sane, thinking American watches IF, the addiction takes hold and thankfully, many IF-addicts underwrite these installments with their generous gifts.

Here’s hoping Joe Dan Gorman produces videos for a long, long time.

As Joe Dan would say, God bless y’all for watching!

Y’all come back now, hear?



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