Crash and Bernie

Actually this episode is not so much about Bernie, as it is about the total and complete collapse of the Democratic Party, which by default—includes their symbiotes in the traditional broadcast media. Their utter incompetence is a direct result of putting politics above EVERYTHING…which fell in line with the former DNC Chair (2005-09) Howard Dean’s philosophy of Permanent Campaign Mode. And in 2008, newly elected POTUS, Barack Obama, the community organizer in chief— embraced this permanent campaign– and lifted it to heights only Marxists dream of. Everything became hyper-political. The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,, Hollywood, news, sports, entertainment….even the freaking WEATHER is now political.. Democrats propose solutions to ‘problems that don’t or rarely exist’ and their results are an embarrassment— many times causing problems that never existed in the first place. [SEE: Medieval Diseases in California] The Democrat list of incompetence–just in the past 12 years— is a long and distinguished one.
  • Cash for clunkers
  • Obamacare
  • The Obama care website
  • Obama’s EPA turning rivers orange in Colorado
  • Sanctuary cities
  • Allowing people to defecate on the street
  • Allowing people to do drugs on the street
  • Mismanagement of Forests
  • Mismanagement of water
  • Transvestites entertaining children in public libraries
  • impeachment without a crime
  • we could go on….
Thank goodness they always have us to blame. If you approve— donate if you can and share if you don’t mind. God bless, jdg
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