DC Dems + DC Republicans = The Government Party: Organized Crime never had it so good


Just like our federal government as a whole—the federal level Republican Party is now completely DOA.  It’s gone. Liberals now control the GOP, like they control the courts, the schools, the media, Make your own list at home.

Washington DC is a massive sewer of crooked lawyers, serving their own interest by serving the interests of their Anti-American corporate masters with endless pockets…from General Electric and Boeing to the epitome of evil himself, George Soros—the jew who infamously turned in his fellow jews during WWII for the reward.

senators-who-voted-for-non-budgetAt a time when our economic foundation is rapidly crumbling before our very eyes—- 18 crooked Republicans (list on right) led by Mitch McConnell voted at 3AM to pass a massive and insane debt deal—- basically giving the marxist Obama an unlimited credit card.

The deal was railroaded through the House on Wednesday, as part of a rush by Republican leadership to get it done as quickly as possible, leaving no time for scrutiny—and certainly no notice to the American people.

The final Senate vote came at 3 a.m. Friday morning, meaning it was sped through in less than 100 hours. Proving not everything the government does is slow.

The 144-page budget-busting deal averages $558 million in NEW SPENDING per page.

The level of ‘deception in broad daylight’ that we’ve witnessed over the course of the republican majority’s first year is jaw-dropping.  

There’s only one party in DC….The Government Party. And organized crime never had it so good….
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