Democrat Anthem: “America the Racist”

The following in an excerpt from a text conversation between myself and an extreme liberal… who happens to be one of my best friends in the world, and who I love like a brother.  We will call him “TD”.

Please note that despite our vastly different opinions— we remain civil throughout. So please do not insult my friend in the comments, disagree without being disagreeable.

It begins with my friend explaining that America is in fact, a racist nation.  Followed by a most brilliant response by yours truly.  I made no changes to the text… I even left the bad grammar, because it was from the heart.


“We are our history. We learn from it who we are now. We’re a racist society, built in part on the pretext of race — no mystery there. Who’s your favorite founding father? He had slaves. We will become less racist in the next decades and centuries, but we have perpetuated a racial hierarchy in modern-day America.”


Wow… I would hate to live on your planet. How depressing. Your President is racist, your society is racist. Ug. What a negative place.

No worries, you can come to my planet. It’s awesome. You can sleep on my couch.

Now my country ain’t perfect… no place is—because no man is perfect. Of course, we have racism, and we have racists— but they are a minority. We also have murderers, thieves, rapists and pedophiles…. But these ‘small pockets of disturbed evil humans’ do not define us as a nation.

Our country is over 70% caucasian —but we voted overwhelmingly for a black leader in Obama— not once, but TWICE.  Now, electing a black President in itself DOES NOT repair historical wrong-doing… but it IS important for perspective.

First— it is important to distinguish between ‘society’ and ‘humanity.’ Slavery is a stain on humanity going back thousands of years before the days of the Roman Empire.

Fast Forward: The African Slave Trade – that started hundreds of years before the United States existed—began around the 1500s— and was created by Africans selling their own brothers & sisters to the Arabs and Europeans.

And speaking of Europeans, our nation is significantly YOUNGER than our enlightened friends across the pond (The UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden) and EQUALLY AS WHITE… yet NONE of them have EVER had a black Prime Minister, Chancellor or President. But we have.

Yet America is demonized for this.

We were also the First Nation to pass serious Civil Rights Laws SPECIFICALLY for blacks. We have the highest concentration of BLACK MILLIONAIRES and billionaires on the planet. There is no close second.

Today ON MY PLANET (heh heh heh) despite our flaws, of which we have many—more blacks are employed than EVER before. EVER.  We have no more race riots and cities in flames like in Ferguson and Baltimore which became prevalent in previous years.,

Me and my black friend Sonja are working again.  We were able to create our own products and sell them in this ass-kicking [capitalist] country.

BUT also today…we STILL have slavery…  MILLIONS of blacks enslaved in Africa and in the Middle East —but our left-leaning media ignore anything we can’t blame on white people. I won’t even bring up the Christians.

How can we condemn our ancestors for something we still allow today?


TD was not swayed, nor impressed. But we’re still friends, and will always be… unless he tries to take my sh*t.


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