DISCUSS: How did conservatives lose control of everything?

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We as Conservatives are supposed to be ‘the smart ones’— So riddle me this Batman—how did we lose control of everything?

And I mean EVERYTHING… not just the broadcast media and Hollywood, but academia, government, sanctuary cities, our borders, our justice system, the west coast, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, the NFL, CA, NY, genders… and on and on..

So how did these insane people gain control of everything?

In my rarely humble opinion—the reasons are actually quite numerous…  but the single biggest factor is that Conservatives control no major media.  Zero.  Nada. 

The result is we never control the narrative—only react.  Always on defense.

“No we’re not racist.  No we’re not Russian.  No Politicians can’t change the climate.  No there are not 58 genders….”

Media feeds our culture, and everything else—including education— is down stream. I think Andrew Breitbart said something like that.

Chime in….

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