Meet Vogue’s Cartoonish Fashionista who trashed Melania Trump

Good grief.  When I first saw this face… I assumed someone decided to have a little fun and use the worst picture of the liberal fashion critic attacking our first lady—because this picture had to be from a Halloween party, am I right?

No I’m not right.  

Her name is Lynn Yeager… and she really looks like this ALL THE TIME.  It’s actually hard to believe… until you see multiple pictures of this Liberal Loon in different settings– that someone would look like this on purpose.

And if that weren’t absurd enough –  get a load of this—she’s a fashion writer for Vogue Magazine, because she’s so hot, I’m sure.

This Cartoonish Buffoon… reminiscent of some twisted ‘Alice in Wonderland meets Rocky Horror Picture Show’ recently penned a vicious attack on our gorgeous and classy first lady, Melania Trump, over the shoes she was wearing?

Maybe she’s just mad because they don’t make high heels for hooves. But I digress.

This Creature from the ‘Not Dark Enough’ Side continued to drone on how Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama, hijacked Michelle’s bullying platform….. and how she was married to the unquestionably greatest bully ever.  Typical liberal commie propaganda.

I’m not giving you a link to this marxist sewage disguised as journalism…but I think it’s important to meet the hate-filled lefties, who are typing on their little computers in the dark.   Emphasis on in the dark.

Screenshot of article:


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Joe Dan Gorman
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  • RosalindJ

    Pretty sure she doesn’t show up in a mirror, Joe Dan.

  • ChrisInToronto

    Elsworth Tooey?

    • Corky


  • karen

    Beauty(Melania) and the “Beast”!!

  • MO Conservative

    JD, that really made me chuckle, especially the beast’s inability to wear high heels because of her hooves. Precious!

  • JusticeVegas

    She stole Rodney Dangerfield’s idea of the homeless fashion look from “Easy Money.”

  • Donna E Turner

    Hillary Clinton is the Whore of Babylon, Lynn Yeager is the result.

  • jag2dogslivecom

    Is trying to look as ugly as possible ‘the new normal’? I have a hard time keeping up.

  • StarTripper

    There is a theory of so-called modern art that beauty can be defined as anything and nothing is ugly. I am guessing that Vogue doesn’t put this “What Not to Wear” poster child’s picture next to her byline.

  • megajess

    Vogue, has not been relevant in the fashion world for a very long time. Hence, it allows Lynn Yeager, the Yoda wanna-be, to produce rambling leftist’s lies to spew forth from her waxed beak. But don’t feel bad for Ms. Yeager, I hear Marvel comics is in the market for a new super villain.

  • anotherworriedmom

    Is this the same Vogue that just did a teen Vogue article on anal sex? That Vogue? If this ridiculous publication is delivered to your home you should cancel it immediately.

  • Janie

    Are you sure she’s a she? Looks like a guy to me.

  • eye_heart_gitmo

    confused leftist…no surprise…………..equivalent to pro football kneelers…not understanding the fan base while simultaneously killing the golden goose