Froglegs VIP List

rat-packHow to be on the Froglegs VIP LIST that appears in most episodes…

As a new episode come out approximately every 2 weeks….  we ask that you ‘regularly feature’ Intellectual Froglegs on your blog or website. “Regularly feature’ does NOT mean being listing Intellectual Froglegs with a group of other sites…aka a Blog Roll entry.  “Featuring the show” requires that the show is embedded on your site in a sharable post.  In other words, people can watch IFL directly from your site without leaving.

TO ADD YOUR WEBSITE: Contact us with

  1. 3 links showing us that you featured the last 3 episodes (within a week of the episode publish date)
  2. name of and link to your website or blog.

And you will be added—simple as that.

All sites must be active.  Inactivity will cause your site to be removed.  
You’ll need to keep featuring the show when new episodes are available to remain on the list.  It would be wise to subscribe to Show Alerts so you will know when the new episodes are released. You may be removed with or without notice.  You may be added back at anytime after once again meeting the conditions.

In addition to your name occasionally appearing in the videos—we’ll also put your name and link on this page.

Now meet the current Friends of the Frog.

Bud Ahlheim
Mark Allinson
Kelly Anderson
Janice Ashton
Thomas Ayers
William Barrett
Cynthia Bejar
LeRoy Benson
Craig Boos
Antonio Branco
Kevin Brennan
Garry Broussard
Mike Brown
Samuel Brown
Sandra Calderbank
Jim & Kathleen Caldwell
Jim Campbell
Darren Cannon
John Chioles
C/C Club
Bob and Sarom Cormier
Tyler Cox
Ned Crabb
Sam Cutbirth
James Daffron
K.C. Diem
Virginia Dobel
Lane Ehninger
George Eichenlaub
William Ellis
Scott & Christine Engell
Gary Fox
Robert Fraley
Ralph Fraley
John Gestl
Greg Grantham
Keith Gums
Steven Guzzon
Dorcas Hall
Rick Hanley
Ward Harris
James Helmericks
Sally Herbert
Jed Hoffman
David Jack
Harvey Jones
Kegan Kaiser
Michael Kawasaki
Keith & Melissa Kenaston
Wade Kinnear
Doc Kozlowski
Cynthia Lantz
Catherine Layne
Liz Lazarowicz
Theodore Maas

Alison-Denny Maloney
Robert Mardis
Tom Marszalek
Dr. Gary Masch
Norman McDonald
George & Rita Monette
John Niederwimmer
Karie Nordin
Charlie Northcutt
Richard Oberlander
Brian Odom
Joe Ostrowski
Amy Pegram
Jim Porter
Steven Robles
Greg Ross
David Russell
Joseph Scherzer
Alen Schwartz
Randy Scott
Charlie Sergeant
Sharon Sheehan
Frank Shock
Glendon Short
Peter Smith
Randy Smith
Spike Spriesterbach
George Stemwedel
William Taylor
Debbi Tehrani
Julieann Thornton
Right Sided View
Larry Walker
Michael Waugh
Stanley Wells
James Wigley
Bill Williams
Ronald Woods
Jennifer Zeitler
Cherryl Elam Zollars