DETAILS- Frogleg 5th Anniversary Cookout: Franklin, TN Aug. 5

Please keep in mind that this post is just for people to share ideas, intentions and/or other comments regarding the Shindig Cookout thingy…NOT for posting news/politics.

DATE: Saturday, August 5, 2017
TIME:  6:30PM – 9 PM
ADDRESS: Jim Warren Park, 705 Boyd Mill Ave, Franklin, TN 37064

RAIN OR SHINE: We have enclosed accommodations.

ADMISSION:  FREE to Intellectual Frogleg Viewers, $500.00 cover charge for liberals

Maybe’s and No’s not necessary. 

Wanna help?  THINGS WE NEED?

  • Peeps who can cook…
  • Sound System (maybe with Video so we can watch the first episode from 5 years ago).

Possible fun—> Nap Contest, followed by Pin the Tail on the Democrat?

FYI: Franklin is a suburb of Nashville. So there’s always plenty of hotels… and an assortment of amazing entertainment… If you’ve never visited this area, I encourage it. Make a long weekend of it. And you’ll see why this is one of the fastest growing areas in America.

You can rent a room a ‘Uber’ over… if you don’t wanna drive.

More questions: Email me directly at

About the Author

Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. When he is not creating and producing wicked coolness, he is busy performing liberal exorcisms, playing guitar and sharing his testimony and love for Jesus Christ.
  • Hey! Where are all you unicorn poachin’, phony liberal verbal smackin’, globalist fightin’, frogger lovin’ patriots??? I can’t believe it, I am actually first to post… did I win???

    I can scrub what?

    Um… no, but thanks for asking. There are companies that can do that for you, why I don’t know.

    Ok, I can’t cook, but I can order food incredibly well, almost as good as our illustrative host, Mr. Sarcasm.
    I’ll look into oddyo and vidja. I’ll ponder on it… but you folks have to come to Franklin to see if all I bring is my phone. I’m just sayin’… it has a great picture, but I am not supposed to share it. No, not that kind, clean it up in there! A mind is a terrible thing. Or something like that.

    Well, I better see some folks here tomorrow posting or I’ll have to make a road trip. 😉

    • RubyTwoThree

      Yeah. Call local KFC or BBQ joints w/head count, and then ask people to pay whatever the per head ends up being once RSVP’s are done. Anyone that wants to bring stuff on the side is always welcome to do so. Just no one screw over the host and not pay their $10-15 bucks for the meal. It will happen unless there is a Marge in Charge to make sure everyone pays their share.

      And put out a TIP jar (w/$5 seed money to inspire) to help cover the odd/ends cost of putting something together. A sure winner is to get a cute little kid to go around and hit everyone up for some change out of their pocket. Doesn’t matter if it is Dollar Tree or Costco it costs cash to buy stuff to sponsor a party. Loose change adds up.

      Ice, water, and coolers is key to any gathering for the summer time, that is always my priority. Then it is balloons and flowers to present a festive atmosphere. It ain’t a party if it doesn’t have balloons, beer, and tunes. But that is just me.

      Could have a pin the tail on barry game for activities. Put up a barrynata filled w/MAGA prizes.

      • It’s a shame you can’t be here! Great common sense suggestions that most of us guys wouldn’t think of… ‘cept for pin somethin’ on barry and the bashfest part. 😉

        • RubyTwoThree

          Yeah, I have thrown a few parties a time or two. I saw on the parks rules about having a piñata, you have to clean it up or you don’t get the refund. One of the Pavilions you can have music, the other you can’t. I would love to smash a piñata of barry and have all kinds of great MAGA stuff come out.

  • RubyTwoThree

    Ok, so if you are terrible at organizing, just a few questions and food for thought to get the ball rolling even though TN is too far away for me to come.

    Plenty of trash cans and bags, people will use them, makes easy clean up.

    How are you doing food? Everyone bring their own, pot luck, hot dogs/burgers provided, sides needed?
    Will you be providing, plastic ware, cups, plates, napkins, condiments?
    Table cloths, yes, they matter. Dollar Tree el cheapo.
    Who is responsible for the ice?
    Charcoal for grill?
    Who is bringing the chocolate?
    Is there shelter? Trees?
    Light after dark?
    Bring your own chair?
    Bug spray.
    Dogs allowed?
    Music? People that play should bring their instrument, have a patriotic sing along.
    Is there a store close by to purchase what will be needed and/or forgotten?
    Hotels in the area for anyone that may be traveling?

    • RubyTwoThree

      I forgot the Moon Shine, who will be bringing the Moon Shine?

      • Yo, can do… 😉

        Shhhhhhhhhhh…. don’t tell the phony liberals, they’ll show up early & try to stay late!

      • Rev21v3n4

        I’ve got a jar of Popcorn Sutton…!

        • TrabGurl

          Just curious… I’ve never sampled any ‘Popcorn Sutton’. Is it smooth? Did he flavor any? (Peach, blackberry, etc) — Over the years, growing up in NC, I’ve sampled many different batches. To be honest, some was nasty, some too strong, some burned going down, and then some was great — etc.

          Several years back, Jr. Johnson’s Family Recipe (alleged) was introduced in the stores — legal stuff — It’s called ‘Midnight Moon’ and I think it’s available pretty much anywhere other spirits are sold. The Midnight Moon web page has a ‘Where to Buy’ section for you search. And I must say, I like it.

          Just noticed last week, they now have a 100 proof version too. (Most of the store bought ‘Midnight Moon’ is 80 proof and yes it comes in several flavors) — I like the ‘Apple Pie’ myself. It has a piece of cinnamon stick in the jar.

          If you’re a ‘Shine’ fan, I’ll urge you try a bottle. Distilled in NC near Jr’s old stomping grounds of Wilkes County.

          • Rev21v3n4

            Popcorn Sutton is smooth. It has two proofs: 88 and 93. While Popcorn Sutton is not flavored, there are some flavored versions by Mrs. Sutton, called Mrs. Sutton’s Moonshine Likker with 6 flavors including Apple Pie. Mrs. Sutton’s is 66 proof. They both have really excellent flavors. Popcorn is really popular in East TN where he had his still. You can find it in the Nashville area very easily. Mrs. Sutton’s is a bit harder to find.

  • RubyTwoThree

    Reading through the park rules, no alcohol allowed, or guns. So keep your beer and AR 15’s at home.
    Dang, what happened to Tennessee? No need to answer that question. Stinking Liberals infiltrate everywhere.

    • Uniparty plants from “elsewhere”… our previous “mayor” a mr. Karl dean, yes that’s Karl with a K made sure his first statement to Nashvillians (sp intentional, the villians voted for him) was that Nashville wasn’t “gay enough”. Well, he sure worked on it. Now he’s going for Governor. Someone has to put a stop to the madness, and some of us are working on it.

      Hard to beat the money changers though.

      • RubyTwoThree

        Clicking around through Franklin I did see what looks like some Confederate Memorials, are they still there? KKK is coming to town tomorrow to fight over our statues of Lee and Jackson.

        Franklin looks to be a charming little town from the few links I saw.

    • RubyTwoThree

      Well, you could make massive batches of Jell-O shooters, they are always good for the no liquor events. Make a big bowl and pass out some spoons, so much easier than making all the little cups. Then there is also Yuka, another delightfully deceptive drink in more than one way.

    • JDMedia

      Just use cups, and don’t act like liberals.

  • Paula Kinziger

    We wanted to come, but a 6.5 hour drive for a 3 hour gig we won’t be able to. Have a great Frogleggs time.

  • TrabGurl

    Suggestion here: See if someone will live stream it. Or maybe a couple of folks. Not the whole thing, maybe at the top of the hour, live stream for like 4-5 minutes — then again, at 7:15, live stream another 4-5 mins. worth. then 8:45 a wrap up segment.

    Suggestion # 2 – If anyone going has one of those drones w/ a camera on it… get some aerial footage too — even if you can’t post it until later on.

    And take lots of still pics and/or videos.

  • TrabGurl

    Suggestion 3: Get a big piece of poster board — just plain white. Those that want to, sign their names to it (maybe add where you’re from) — Then either Joe Dan can keep it as a memento, (Maybe frame it) — OR — He can send it to ‘The Donald’ — Doesn’t matter if has 45 signatures, or 45,000 — just a little token to show POTUS that folks everywhere are coming together to help save our Republic.

    Sort of a Time Capsule you might say.