Gloating in Moderation (short fun video)

matthewsWe did it!  Although we still have much work ahead—we can at least pause and catch our breath.

It kind of feels like the grown-ups are finally home after an extended six-year vacation to another planet. And of course, the house is trashed.

Now contrary to popular opinion, I believe a little gloating is healthy… especially in light of those ‘at which’ we gloat!, LOL!

So gloat on! Be Proud!

Enjoy this short new video “Goodbye Democrats” victory dance (featuring Wild Bill for America). I’m wearing an Afro and dancing. (runtime 1 min 30 seconds)

Anyway, and more importantly, God bless everyone that volunteered & sacrificed their time, energy, and money to save this republic.

Election night we found out how powerful we can be. We stood with our brothers and sisters…..and in one collective and thunderous voice, we said “Hell No.”

And Washington DC was shaken to the core… in other words, DC got punched in the face by “We the People.”

You gotta admit, that was cool.
Laus Deo

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