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UPDATED August 2014 

Here’s a collection of some of my personal recommendations, some cool documentaries, full-length movies, videos & articles on a variety of Pro-God, Pro-God & Science and Pro-American History topics….that you can watch here right now for FREE. Some are fun, some are touching and some are exciting. All are educational.


Latest Video
‘Dr. Stephen Meyer: A Cosmological Argument for God’s Existence”

In this special series of The John Ankerberg Show, Dr. Stephen Meyer presents a cosmological argument for God’s existence: the universe, space, and time all had a beginning, the universe has been fine-tuned for life, and every living cell contains the information and design necessary for life. In part 1, Dr. Meyer describes the development of a naturalistic view of cosmic origins and presents evidence that refutes it. Videos posted with permission.

Stephen Meyer is the author of The New York Times best selling book Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the case for Intelligent Design (HarperOne, 2013). For more information on the book and to order your copy visit http://www.darwinsdoubt.com

“God of Wonders” 2009 – Documentary – [runtime 1hr 24m] Join us on a remarkable journey of discovery as we explore the Creator’s handiwork and what His creation reveals about His character.

Return of the God Hypothesis: A Response to New Atheists – Stephen C. Meyer, PhD

“EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed” Ben Stein may not look like a typical school rebel—but when he learned that educators and scientists were being ridiculed, denied tenure, and even fired for the “crime” of discussing evidence of “design” in nature, he’d had enough! Join him as he travels the world, questioning academia’s doctrine of random evolution and championing intellectual freedom! Rated PG. Approx. 95 minutes. 

An Atheist Scientist Dr. Francis Collins,sets out to disprove God… and now the good doctor is not an atheist anymore!

Darwinism’s Dilemma: Meet the “Cambrian Explosion”—Darwin was aware of this, however, he hoped time would disprove this in favor of his Theory of Evolution.  Oops.

Ronald Reagan defies the ‘alleged Separation of Church & States” and explains it quite eloquently.

NEXT: MILTON FRIEDMAN Milton Friedman should be taught in every school. But since he is an economic realist, with opinions based on history in conjunction with human behavior—the left ignores this dude.. Of course, for the left’s policies to EVER have a chance at succeeding, humanity must behave in unison as robotic chattel—which of course, is the fatal fly in their commie ointment. This is a long video….best to watch in bits anyway—so your brain can digest.

The Apocalypse (2002) Richard Harris is excellent as John.

Paul Harvey: The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Dr. Stephen Meyer on Socrates in the City

“Darwin’s Doubt” with Stephen Meyer from Socrates in the City on Vimeo.


God, Science & History

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