God versus ‘the mighty cosmic fart’

Wow, I was surprised to find that contrary to popular belief, there are actually many physicists that not only believe in God—but also embrace and marvel at the magnificence of GOD through their science. What the?  This cannot be!!!!

But of course, we also have many, much louder physicists (that don’t smile much) that say,  “Well, we don’t know what it is—but we know its not a God… silly peasants.  In the meantime, here’s 214 formulas, 14 interactive 3-D computer simulations and 2 pie charts—- to make you think we’re close to figuring this thing out”

Let’s just start with what we do know…  The Law of Causality (cause and effect), which states that ‘all matter and energy’ must have a beginning.

SO…whether ‘the Big Bang Theory’ or ‘a Heating & Cooling theory’—or something else entirely… it is widely held that SOMETHING had to be ‘eternal’ either Matter/Mass Energy) OR a Supreme Being (God).

Now, there is nothing irrational about the possible existence of an eternal being—but there IS something WILDLY irrational about matter popping into existence from nothing…(while also ‘just happening to contain’ all of the necessary building blocks & DNA codes for ‘everything’ in the universe—including consciousness, nuclear fusion & snowflakes)

Either way, you are required to have faith.

God versus a Random Magical Cosmic Fart

And ‘if and when’ you realize that the most rational of the two possibilities is indeed God… then you can begin to marvel at God’s massive power & knowledge.  And there is so much amazingly cool stuff.  The sun, for instance is just as a small example—if this IS God’s handiwork (and I believe it is)…. he’s already mastered nuclear fusion…converting hydrogen into helium on a grand scale. The Sun cranks out more energy in ONE second than mankind has created in all of history.

Then consider how small the sun is in comparison to the rest of the universe. It is estimated that there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy… and it is estimated there are over 100 billion galaxies.

The human mind cannot even begin to fathom.

Most astronomers acknowledge that the universe is expanding…. something that man could not have possible known until the 20th century…. So how did scripture remotely know to even reference the expanding heavens as spreading a curtain? [Isaiah 40:22]

“The heavens declare the Glory of God” ~Psalm 19:1

But we all have to hedge our own bets—don’t we?

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