The Green New Episode – Intellectual Froglegs

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There was an old Star Trek episode where they entered a new, unchartered part of space …. I only bring this up because it parallels the Democrats crossing into their new level of crazy.

With zero grasp of mathematics or history—the Green New Deal is grade-school level dumbassery.

These new radical Democrats have also declared war on our president—and by extension… America.  For 2 years we waited on Mueller—then FINALLY when it’s winding down and there is still no evidence of Russia Collusion— the Democrats launch even MORE investigations, and this time going after Trump’s family and their personal lives.

81 subpoenas at one time—and they can’t even name one crime?

This cannot be allowed.

And following the Covington Catholic and the Jesse Smollette hoaxes, there is a clear pattern of fraud with police report evidence.   Here’s a partial list of the popular Fake Hate Crimes

Hope you guys enjoy the new show. Thanks to my brother AF Branco.


And a joke the ladies will like.


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