Fixing our healthcare is not a game: An Uninsured’s Proposal

300x200_obamacare-failLike many seasoned Americans, I’m over 50 and I’m embarrassed at this juncture of my life to admit that I haven’t had a personal physician in years—not since ‘Government fixed our healthcare’ back in 2010.

So you can debate the practicalities, procedures and legislation— that’s all well and good, but many of us need to see a @#$% doctor now.  We don’t need another bullshit policy.  A policy is not Healthcare.

There is no way in hell it would potentially take ‘years’ to fix our Health Insurance Mess, if Congress weren’t already exempt and if THEY needed a doctor. But lucky for them—they were exempt from Day One.

So they have no urgency.  To these guys in Congress… it’s just another DC parlor game.

In hindsight… you heard of no problems when they were exempting Congress and ‘hand-picked’ Unions. Did you?

As one of many Americans in need action, I’d like to propose what I believe is a reasonable solution starting point:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 10.36.46 AMIMMEDIATELY begin Phased in Exemptions (like Congress) to the American citizens so as not to overwhelm the system—starting with the oldest and those most ill and let the free market begin working it’s magic.

While initially, much of ObamaCare would remain in place (temporarily)—new free market initiatives can be gradually, but with due diligence…. implemented across state lines, without trying to fix 1/6th of our economy all at once. 

But as it stands now….those immune from the problem (congress) are the very ones in charge of fixing it.

In addition to that, while I understand there are MANY important issues, and you cannot fix everything at once— I’m EXTREMELY disappointed to see (as of this posting) that our healthcare is not considered a TOP ISSUE at  See Screenshot above.

Not really a confidence builder…

And in the meantime, while they wait for the perfect solution for all— I’m afraid we’re going to lose some friends.

God bless…


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Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • What we need is health coverage that is as affordable as possible, covers only what each of us need, and allows us to choose our physician and hospital with little or no government intervention. Unfortunately, this whole healthcare issue has evolved and no one seems to be talking about it. It wasn’t too long ago that everyone who opposed Obamacare were calling for its complete and total repeal. Back then, we didn’t want government involved in our healthcare decisions. Remember the death panels? Anyway, the narrative has quietly changed without any real outcry from anyone I’ve seen. Now it’s all about repeal AND REPLACE. Whatever happened to just a good old American repeal? I guess that’s gone now and we will once again defer our health decisions to the feds. All I can say at this point is, stay healthy my friends.

  • Ann

    Health insurance is not health care. And not all health care needs (major events vs. routine care)are the same. Insurance is appropriate for major events, things that are extremely costly but infrequent. But routine checkups, tests, and maintenance of chronic conditions should not require a giant corporation or federal government to be involved. If it were possible for a general physician to practice family medicine at a cost such that he/she could charge patients a price that they could pay out of pocket for an office visit, I’m sure they would do it. But more and more, doctors find that their expenses and administrative headaches just don’t permit it. If we provided incentives and right conditions for family doctors to serve in rural, inner cities, and other under served areas, with the condition that they pass their cost savings on to patients, there would be more health care reaching the people who need it — whether or not they have insurance. If we finance the Peace Corps to help other nations, why not instead finance a domestic corps of our own to increase the supply of quality medical practitioners.

  • I agree 100%. I am lucky to be Disabled. Who would ever say such a thing? That sounds CRAZY I know, but having SOME Health Care (Medicare) is way better than having none (Obamacare with a 40k $ deductible) .