“To Hillary in a Handbasket” Intellectual Froglegs

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Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 4.02.22 PMForeign money owns our government. That’s the only explanation for years of horrible trade deals and other decisions counter to the interests of the American people…. and if you think its bad now—let Hillary “The Queen of Foreign Money” become president.

We are watching ‘real time’— the power of foreign money in American politics. They’re trying to buy the presidency, and Hillary is more than willing to oblige. Otherwise there’s no way in hell, the target of a major FBI investigation would EVER be nominated by a major party… let alone, be endorsed by the sitting President of United States.

Like Obama, Hillary is a student of Saul Alinsky. And if Hillary wins—it’s done.  United States will be officially gone forever.

To sum just ONE aspect of Clinton corruption…
The Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign investors, companies and countries during which time Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Favors were exchanged—– Bill Clinton gave speeches for RECORD amounts of money in countries with pending issues before the state department—–And ALL of the email records during this time were stored on her illegal personal server… where incidentally, she also retained top secret classified communications pertaining to our national security– and they’re all gone?

The Politics of Self-Enrichment, indeed.


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