Under New Management – Intellectual Froglegs Holiday Edition

czlcycgukaa_9sdWell, as we cruise into 2017— we live in a new reality— a reality where liberals are no longer in charge. What? Hang on a sec—- gonna smell me some roses real quick. How utterly glorious is this? Somebody pinch me.  (No dudes – I don’t swing that way)

The only problem is that the liberals don’t know it yet.   But there’s a lot of stuff liberals don’t know.

In my rarely humble opinion, the most important issue is agenda-driven or Fake News–which really is news, inasmuch as it is ‘the once trusted’ traditional news organizations who are the guiltiest of the guilty. And they’ve been doing it for years.

From the action-packed Adventures of Brain Williams and Rathergate to Hands Up Don’t Shoot. ABC has been busy too.

Now they have set their sights on Trump’s kids…because of course they do. While Eric and Don are ridiculously being accused of “Pay for Play”—Ivanka and her children are bullied & harassed by a tolerant Gay Activist/New York Lawyer. Liberals are the most belligerent and nasty people in America.

Show me ONE conservative that EVER displayed this level of hatred to the ‘family’ of an elected official….I’ll hang up and listen.

I hope you enjoy the new show.  God bless and Merry Christmas.

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