Imagine No Religion: Welcome to Dark America

This is one of the darkest hours EVER in American history— mandatory lock-downs, 22 MILLION job losses, Food Banks for the hungry, Depression-era suicides…

And like millions of other Americans, my church is closed.

Of course, at first… it was wise to close up shop “just to be safe” as they say, but after weeks and weeks of  ‘volume 11’ disinformation and hysteria; it’s clear to rational thinking Americans, there is no wolf at our dooraside from the regular wolves at our door.

And more than that— after these weeks of orders, warnings and quarantines— most people don’t even know anyone sick— much less, someone who’s died of this alleged ‘deadly’ global pandemic.

But, but, but the CDC, The Experts, The Surgeon General….

On April 5, 2020, our surgeon general warned the following week would be “our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment.” He went on to say ‘This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives’

As of this writing, that was 3 weeks ago.  No Pearl Harbor.  No 9-11.

The Surgeon General was not ‘slightly wrong’— but catastrophically wrong… and yet quite consistent with the long and growing list of unrealistic predictions surrounding this Covid-19 Death Plague..

And while our Surgeon General obviously loses no credibility after uttering such wild nonsense—we on the other hand, are losing 40,000 jobs an hour… Godless people around the globe are taking advantage and celebrating the close of America.

And my church is closed.

The Church reps—all who still have their jobs, btw— say “we’re not closed” we’re available online!

I’m sorry… a church with locked doors on Sunday ain’t a church.

And even if all those predictions of doom were not total nonsense—- our churches are supposed to be source of Strength and Light and Love for our communities—not cowering in a corner waiting til it’s safe to come out.

Now when I attempted to discuss this matter with my church— I learned that actual discussions on this matter are not welcome— my facebook post to the church group was ‘not approved’ and the only response I got was from an associate pastor.

“When our Governor who leads this state says it’s ok, then we will re-open.
The governor has been placed there by God according to the Word of God..

Romans 13:1-2″

And … “we’ll have to agree to disagree”


Agree to disagree?  I’m sorry, but I do NOT agree to disagree.  This is shameful.

This is not a slippery slope—this is a Downhill Slalom.

The Holy Bible does indeed instruct us “to be subject to the governing authorities” [as the Associate Pastor pointed out in Romans 13:1-2 ), but this is the United States of America—and NO government official is a the governing authority over our religious matters.  Our constitution makes this abundantly clear.

I used to have a pastor that would fight ANY encroachment of ANY of our Religious Liberties.  I miss him.

Bottom Line: The constitution forbids the government closing a church for ANY REASON— And the church needs to quit allowing it.


UPDATE: 4.26 – How are today’s Pastors who voluntarily close their churches because of Government mandates and in violation of out FIRST AMENDMENT—–any different from the 17th Century priests of The Church of England?

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