IN THE BOOKS: The First Annual IFL Cookout was a success (pics)

I’ll be adding new photos so check back.

We had a really great time at the FIRST ANNUAL Froglegs Cookout…yes, that means we’re gonna do this every year.  But I was too busy to get pictures OR video… dang it. So, if you were at the party, and have pics, post here or email them to me at [email protected] please.

But it was awesome. So many unbelievably patriotic Americans…

People came from South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Maryland, Indiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Wisconsin and CANADA. OH and Tennessee…

My awesome son was there…

Future Paul Ryan Slayer & Wisconsin Congressman Paul Nehlen pulled off an 18-hour round-trip to be here with us.  Wow. Just wow.

My buddy Victoria Jackson and her husband Paul came.

And so so many more….

I’m flattered, and humbled.

God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. I was actually made to kinda feel important. What a milestone for the guy who—10 years ago lost everything, and lived 6 years in a Kansas City Basement.

If I had known how awesome God was— I woulda joined his team YEARS ago. But on the other hand—it’s never too late.

Pics collected so far.

We had spiffy name tags….


Here I am with future Wisconsin Congressman, my friend Paul Nehlen.


Gorgeous Day in Franklin!
Kelly, Victoria and Mark!


Austin (JD’s brother-in-law) & my son JD. They worked the party—so I felt guilty and let them eat.

Kenny Ward aka “The Human Condition” aka “The Frogleg Audio Guru”


And I was accurately reminded by Jill that South Carolina was represented too! I stand corrected!


Eating Froglegs? It’s okay…they’re the dumb ones…. the intellectual ones don’t get caught!


Joe Dan & Bob discussing the pros and cons of battery powered shirts.


Me and Jeff… Guess who I want blocking for me! This was so fun.


Meet Beth. This event would have crashed and burned without Beth. She handle all the food. ALL… Thank you Beth

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