In the meantime…Dealing with the Tyrants of Social Media

I’m here to tell you, this social media purge stuff is real… In fact, across the vast media landscape… it’s real.

Just as conservative voices are not tolerated in broadcast media— now social media is following suit.

And some good people are being hurt by these childish marxist tantrums.  And a lot of lesser-established conservative media ventures are failing.

If you ever wondered what the Democrats “Fairness Doctrine” would be like…  Here it is.

I’m one of the little guys   Now in my sixth year of producing Intellectual Froglegs, a modestly-successful web-based political satire program, there is no doubt that… were it not for social media, there would be no Intellectual Froglegs.

Social media was awesome…. until hyper-political lefties weaponized it.

First they came for Milo…

Among the more popular—Milo Yiannopoulos was the first to be purged—and it was NOT because he was provocative or flamboyantly gay or even disgusting at times… it was because Milo was conservative.

Then they took out Alex Jones… now the highly respected Prager University, a wonderful, truth-based educational resource has had their presence all but shut down by Facebook.  Unbelievable. Prager U is a class act.  How sad.

So yesterday morning, after I’d released my newest Intellectual Froglegs and saw that YouTube had blocked it… AND that I had lost more Twitter followers…. I was almost as mad as a liberal.  Almost.

Then I saw a tweet from the big guy, and I immediately felt better. We won’t let that happen”

Circumvent the Socials – Connect Directly with your favorite conservatives

We’re likely in for a bit of rough road… so we gotta stick together.

I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough… We have to STOP RELYING on social media to keep you up to date with your favorite conservatives. Stop it!  Subscribe directly to their website.  For example click here to subscribe to me (Intellectual Froglegs) right now.


Announcement: FREE DOWNLOADS of the show

In an effort to spread froglegs far and wide… I give all y’all permission to download a FULL HD version of the show from Vimeo.  Under the video player at Vimeo here, you will see a download button.  This will be available for all future episodes until further notice.

Upon download, it’s yours to do as you wish.  Save it for a day that your internet is out…  Upload it to your own video channel [Vimeo, UgeTube, Bitchute, etc]  Put it any place you like, if you think it will generate traffic for you, go ahead.

If you use clips or portions—just give me credit please. You will be expected to use in a respectful manner… or I cancel the agreement, and come over and break a lamp..

NEW VIDEO PLATFORMS:  Outside of YouTube, and in addition to VIMEO, we’ve secured additional options to host our videos: UgeTube, Real.Video, BitChute.  And we’re available on your Smart TV… Amazon Fire, ROKU TV &  Liberty One TV
In other words, screw YouTube— we’ll always have a video hosting platform.

The Bottom Line

We will not be defeated by a handful of Snowflake Tyrants…. Hell no.   And with President Trump coming out with his statement… I am actually quite encouraged.

So start getting stoked to create a MASSIVE Red Wave this November….  It’ll be here before you know it.

Thank you guys for your wonderful support.  I love y’all.  Okay I love most of you,,, alright I love a few of you… lol

God bless,

Joe Dan

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