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STATUS: Back to work – Part Deux

One of the reasons I’m not a doctor—is my lack of patience. LOL.

The last sentence of the previous email: “with any piece of new gear—there’s a brief period for working out bugs—we’re in that process now.”

As I explain in the new video, it would appear I was a laughably optimistic with regard to “the brief period.” But we now have a work-around – while Apple fixes the issues.

I’ve re-installed the older software version on the new machine (and the software is not really old– I’ve used this version for a year). And I’m now reasonably certain we’re JUST ABOUT back to work.

Understand that under normal circumstances, I would NEVER buy a ‘new model’ of anything until they’ve had time to work the bugs out—but due to the condition of my old computer— waiting was not an option.

Anyway… I add a short commentary on the end. Runtime 3 mins 50 secs

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