God & Science: What is Intelligent Design? Dr Stephen Meyer

Stephen C. Meyer is director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and a founder both of the intelligent design movement. Dr. Meyer is a Cambridge University-trained philosopher of science, the author of peer-reviewed publications in technical, scientific, philosophical and other books and journals. His signal contribution to ID theory is given most fully in Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design, published by HarperOne in June 2009. Meyer earned his Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University for a dissertation on the history of origin of life biology and the methodology of the historical sciences. For more information visit Dr. Meyer’s website at: http://www.stephencmeyer.org/

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Joe Dan Gorman
Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Unapologetic Christian. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.
  • Red Eric

    DNA is statistically impossible to have occurred randomly in the time given.

    • KentPerry

      Impossible in the time give? It’s impossible no matter the time given. Time is not even relevant has no part in its creation whatsoever there are two things about DNA that scream loudly as to it coming into existence and they are INTENT and INTELLIGENCE Now if scientists are afraid that is indicative of some sort of God being,, my question would be why?

      • Red Eric

        I completely agree. When I am asked by smug atheists why I believe in God. I reply I am not a believer I am convinced. Why? DNA. They expect bible quotations etc. science throws them off. I also like the Big Bang theory to confuse them. In the first nanoseconds of the explosion of an unknown singularity, gravitons, photons and the strong force were created. The first indication of the event is light. Genesis, “let there be light”. I love that. I then go into all the other impossibilities. It is fun.

      • Russell Lissuzzo

        SAYS IT ALL KID.